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Chef Ian Knauer shares Thanksgiving recipes and why you should buy local this holiday season

Thanksgiving is a day away and I wanted to share a few recipes with you before the big day.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Ian Knauer and had to share his thoughts about using local ingredients in your recipes this year.  I believe the more we know about our food the more we... Read more »

5 tips to help you set and stick to your December fitness goals

Tomorrow December will be here, they’ll be 25 days left to shop until Christmas, holiday parties galore and lots of food.  It’s easy to forego any type of fitness plan you had been working on.  But instead of waiting until January to get the body you’ve always wanted, help yourself this month.  You’ll be much... Read more »

Healthy Christmas Dinner Menu

Many of you have worked so hard over the past month to not overeat and stick to your daily fitness routine.  With Christmas two days away I’m sure some of you are wondering how you can make your dinner a little healthier.  We all have traditions that make our holidays special.  So if there’s something... Read more »