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Do you eat too much when you go out?

It is no secret that portion sizes at restaurants have increased dramatically over the years.  For some reason though, we as consumers have gotten used to this idea.  As a result, our bodies have gotten used to eating larger portions.  Hence, a great deal of people have gained weight as a result.  A few things... Read more »

How to eat before the Chicago half marathon

About 20,000 people will be headed to our great city of Chicago tomorrow for the Chicago Half Marathon.  This 13.1 mile race gives runners the opportunity to prepare for marathons coming up while enjoying the view from Lake Shore Drive.  For those of you entered in tomorrow’s race I hope that you have prepared your... Read more »

Get in shape with the Chicago Blackhawks

Looking for a fun way to keep your heart in shape?  Check out the Chicago Blackhawks’ Training Camp Festival on September 19th.  Do your body some good and sign up for the 5k run or walk, or the 10k skate.  The race starts early at 8am or 9 am.  Running the 5k will burn approximately... Read more »

I was part of Oprah's Block Party, were you?

Now that the Oprah Block Party is over, I can say I was part of a dance crew set up to be there.  There were about 1000 dancers who gave up their holiday monday to rehearse from 8:30am to 5:30pm.  Our goal was to get everyone who came to the block party yesterday to learn... Read more »

The great pageant debate

I felt the need to respond once again about this pageant controversy.  To be quite honest the topic makes me laugh, mostly because this debate could go on forever.  And to address the hair topic, that is a matter of personal preference.  The fourth runner up at Miss Illinois USA 2009 had short hair (She... Read more »

Want to hear what I think about the Miss Illinois USA system?

Since I am part of the same system that Jen was involved in, I felt compelled to share my experience about the Miss Illinois USA pageant system.  To begin, I have not been doing pageants my entire life.  Some girls have, but I am not one of them.  I competed in only three pageants, the... Read more »

Ab muscle misconceptions

A recent reader asked if I could talk about the misconceptions people have about abdominal exercises.  I want my readers to learn as much as possible so they can achieve their goals. So here we go… 1) You have 4 different sets of abdominal muscles not just 1. They all lay on top of one  ... Read more »