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Get a healthy touchdown this Super Bowl Sunday with these recipes

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and there’s no doubt it’s one of everybody’s favorite days to eat.  If you’ve been doing good all week don’t feel bad about treating yourself this Sunday.  Remember, everything in moderation and you won’t feel like a bloated mess by the end of Sunday’s game.  I asked readers from... Read more »

Nike kicks off OwnChicago campaign for Chicago Marathon

Last night Niketown kicked off the OwnChicago launch campaign to get everyone pumped for the marathon on Sunday.  The goal: get everyone tweeting and facebooking to @nikechicago with the (hashtag) #ownchicago about how you are going to own chicago on Sunday.  When you send the message your picture will be added to a mosaic picture-... Read more »

Motivation Monday: Finding your Fitness Motivation

I asked a group of people on my facebook page what they found their biggest fitness challenge to be, and most said finding motivation.  It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to want to exercise.  Pick up an article or watch the news and almost every day you will hear a reason explaining why exercise... Read more »