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Motivation Monday: March 19th, 2012

Happy Monday!  Start your week off right with a little motivation to get you through the day.  Today’s quote is: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”~Benjamin Franklin In order to be able to follow this motivation you’ll need to do a few things. For Energy: 1) Eat Well: Your body can not function at it’s... Read more »

New cellphone game seeks to improve quality time and may help with your eating choices

I came across the new cell phone stacking game, as some are calling it, on Yahoo today.  This new game craze was created by Brian “lil b” perez on his Tumblr page.  In an effort to not “be a d__ during meals with friends” (the name of his post) Brian created a game to get... Read more »

5 ways to get back on track after the holiday weekend

The holiday weekend is over and now it is time to get back on track with your fitness goals.  With a weekend of patriotic celebration the food of choice for many is hot dogs, potato salad and corn on the cob.  Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Especially on the 4th of July.  Whether you... Read more »

Thanksgiving, eat what you want without sabotaging your goals

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! A few tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving while trying to stay healthy: 1) If you have time get a work-out in now.  Even if it’s 20 minutes, it will do your heart some good.  Run outside, strength train with little rest in between your sets or turn on some music and dance... Read more »

10 Healthy Snacks to grab throughout the day

It seems like everyone today is always on the go.  Between work, family, friends, and fun people’s schedules are booked to the nines.  Fitness and nutrition are usually the first things to go when life gets a little hectic.  When this happens people usually grab the most convenient and cheapest food items(and who wouldn’t?).  However,... Read more »

Raw Food

Today I had my first taste of raw food.  My initial question was, “will there be raw meat in this raw food?”.   No raw meat was not included in my tastings haha.    Raw food is made up of all organic, unprocessed and natural foods.  The items  I tasted were mainly made up of... Read more »

The holiday's over, what eating plan should you be on?

Since the holiday weekend is winding down I wanted to give you something that I thought would help you get back into your daily eating routine.  A friend of mine recently asked what kind of nutrition plan he should be on.  The answer is simple yet not.  Without giving me much information, I have to ask... Read more »