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Cinco De Miler in Pictures: What went on during the celebratory run

Let the racing begin.
This weekend was full of festivities and Ram Racing was in on the celebration.  Ram racing held their second annual Cinco de Miler race at Montrose Harbor Sunday.  As part of the media team, I went to check out the festivities.  I didn’t run, I’ve been having issues with my hamstring.  I wanted to be... Read more »

I'm competing in my first Spartan Race tomorrow

This saturday my POWERADE ZERO team and I will gear up and head out to run in the Spartan Race.  Spartan Race you may ask, what’s that? Let me tell you its a race full of obstacle courses like I have never seen.  There’s mud, barbed wire, fire and who knows what else.  It is... Read more »

I broke my 5k average at the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison

The Media Team.  Some other team members not mentioned included, DC Crenshaw of Game Time Dime, Jen Patterson of Comcast SportsNet, Christine Garcia of Planit PR and TCW writer, and Lauren Jiggets NBC reporter.
I was extremely excited and exhausted on Saturday when I broke my 5k time at the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison.  I was running as part of the Media group along with many other Chicago Media folks you can see below.  Jimmy Greenfield was there(he’ll try to tell you he beat my time, but that... Read more »