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Nike kicks off OwnChicago campaign for Chicago Marathon

Last night Niketown kicked off the OwnChicago launch campaign to get everyone pumped for the marathon on Sunday.  The goal: get everyone tweeting and facebooking to @nikechicago with the (hashtag) #ownchicago about how you are going to own chicago on Sunday.  When you send the message your picture will be added to a mosaic picture-... Read more »

Tips to stay fit while attending a Chicago Bears Game

Remember, football season will come and go, but your body will show how good or bad you treated it during the season!  Go Bears!!!
Football season has started and I want to give you tips to stay fit during those Bears Games.  I am so excited football season has started.  I was lucky enough to the first Bears game of the season this past weekend.  I went to the game on a mission to find ways to stay healthy. ... Read more »