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5 tips to help you set and stick to your December fitness goals

Tomorrow December will be here, they’ll be 25 days left to shop until Christmas, holiday parties galore and lots of food.  It’s easy to forego any type of fitness plan you had been working on.  But instead of waiting until January to get the body you’ve always wanted, help yourself this month.  You’ll be much... Read more »

5 tips to help you stay on track with your summer goals

Summer goals can be hard to keep with all the fun going on, but here are 5 tips to help you stay on track.  1) Switch up your routine: Start adding interval training to your cardio routine.  Add inclines or do a “random program” on the treadmill.  Switch it up completely and check out a... Read more »

Playing in the snow is tons of fun and a great way to burn some calories

HAVE FUN Just go outside and move around.  Enjoy this once in a lifetime weather! :)
Playing in the snow is lots of fun and its a great way to burn those calories.  The Chicago Blizzard of 2011 has given you a playground like no other, right outside your door.  The snow has stopped and now is your chance to go and enjoy what mother nature has given us.  So, put... Read more »

Work off those Thanksgiving calories

If you’re like most of us, you may have had a little too much of your favorite things over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Most of the time that extra weight is from added salt and you may be feeling very bloated.  To combat this you need to make sure you get a few key things... Read more »

Get in shape with the Chicago Blackhawks

Looking for a fun way to keep your heart in shape?  Check out the Chicago Blackhawks’ Training Camp Festival on September 19th.  Do your body some good and sign up for the 5k run or walk, or the 10k skate.  The race starts early at 8am or 9 am.  Running the 5k will burn approximately... Read more »

On the Go Snacks

I recently posted an entry giving 10 of my favorite snacks to grab throughout the day.  I had a reader ask for really easy on the go snacks. Something that she didn’t have to refrigerate and wouldn’t have to worry about rotting/melting during the day.  I can understand what its like to be totally on... Read more »

Adventurous exercising on vacation

Summer is the time when families and friends head out and take a vacation.  Hopefully, the vacation has everyone heading somewhere that has normal summer weather (unlike Chicago which is experiencing one of its coldest summers ever).  Just because you head out from the city does not mean your exercise routine has to suffer. If... Read more »