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Sign your girls up for Pom Camps with me July 8th-July 12th

Sign your girls up for Pom Camps with me July 8th-July 12th
It’s not too late to sign your daughters up for pom camps this summer.  I’m teaching my first five day camp starting next Monday July 8th-July 12th as well as a one day camp at the Bulls Sox Academy in Lisle.  I’ll be going over dance skills and routines as well as discussing topics like... Read more »

Bleacher Report: 100 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

Every so often Bleacher report comes out with a list that will remind you of why it’s great to be a Chicago fan.  This is one of those lists.  How many Luvabulls can you find? I am honored and proud to dance in this city and be a part of the Luvabulls.  Thanks Amber Lee... Read more »

Chicago Luvabull tryouts are this weekend

Have you ever thought about trying out for the Chicago Luvabulls? This weekend is your chance.  The Chicago Bulls are hosting their cheerleading tryouts this Saturday. You need to send in your application by at least tomorrow so that you know you have been confirmed/accepted to try out. If you’ve ever thought about it I... Read more »

Motivation Monday: Believe

Afternoon motivation monday. This week’s quote is: When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. ~Walt Disney Whatever you do in life you have to believe in it whole heartedly. If you don’t you will never put the effort into it to make it happen. Even further, if... Read more »

Help the Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket

Help the Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket
Help your Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket.  The NBA has set up a dance team bracket for all the teams in the NBA.  Each team advances by getting more votes than their counterpart.  So we need your help.  Chicago has the best fans in the country, so I know we can... Read more »

Photos of Chicago Luvabulls from Sports Illustrated

Check out some photos of the NBA Chicago Luvabulls from Sports  If you’re a fan of basketball or you pay attention to any sports going on in Chicago, you know the Bulls are on fire right now.  SI got some great photos of my teammates and myself from the Bulls vs. Miami game last... Read more »

NBA Dance Team Bracket Has Begun!

It’s 1p.m. CT which means the NBA dance team bracket has begun.  Now, here’s a bracket you can actually help determine the winner.  And of course why would you want any other city, but our great city of Chicago, to win?!  So help your Chicago Luvabulls advance to the next round by voting here:  LUVABULLS.... Read more »

Hard work pays off, thank you Maxim

I explained in an earlier post how I got ready for my Luvabulls poster shoot. I worked out and ate well to get ready for the big night.  That night we took a plethora of photos for the poster, the Chicago Bulls website, etc.  I am very excited because Maxim online has featured some of the... Read more »

Training for my Luvabull poster shoot

When I have a photo shoot or competition I stick to a strict diet to keep myself lean for my photos.  Every body is different, and depending on the person, it can take two weeks to upwards of 3 months (if not more) for someone to lean out.  When I talk about the time for... Read more »

Luvabulls poster shoot night at Bulls Game

Most of you know, but if you don’t, I dance for the Chicago Luvabulls.  Each year we put together a poster of all of us girls.  Poster shoot night is a big night for all of us girls.  This picture will be on the internet and our posters forever! haha.  So it is important for... Read more »