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Motivation Monday

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Here is your Body By Bond Monday Motivation. Have a fun and fit afternoon, Chicago!

Guys: Exercises to get you those washboard abs

Guys, do you want washboard abs? Last week I posted an article for women about how to tighten up those arms.  I was asked by some guys when is the men’s article coming out.  The number one question I get from guys is how can I get stronger and more noticeable ab muscles. Make sure... Read more »

Hard work pays off, thank you Maxim

I explained in an earlier post how I got ready for my Luvabulls poster shoot. I worked out and ate well to get ready for the big night.  That night we took a plethora of photos for the poster, the Chicago Bulls website, etc.  I am very excited because Maxim online has featured some of the... Read more »

What do you want to ask me?

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves this week.  The holidays have begun and will continue for the next two weeks.  So remember to stay healthy and stick to your fitness goals.  I will be on Chicago Now Radio this Saturday at 11:30am with David Wallach from Pace of Chicago.   Let me know if... Read more »

Watching my first marathon

I had never been to watch the marathoners run the annual Chicago Marathon.  This year I decided to head out and support my friend Catherine and the rest of the runners.  I woke up on Sunday morning and waited for a friend to pick me up.  Unfortunately, we didn’t plan very well, because the streets... Read more »

YOU! How well do you really know you?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, YOU! the experience.  This new exhibit is interactive and innovative way to teach you about your mind, body and health.  It encourages you to eat healthy, exercise, laugh and relax.  It even shows you... Read more »

Cold weather and warm food

With the colder months looming ahead, many of us seek out comfort food.  Warm hearty food, like pasta, soup, and chili, for example.  On a day like today, when I am completely exhausted from carrying around 3 bags, a wind blown umbrella and getting pelted in the face with rain, (oh and not to mention... Read more »

Getting Ready for the Chicago Marathon with Nike

We are about 3 and a half days away from one of the biggest events in Chicago.  Thousands and thousands of people will come to our city and participate in one of the most physically challenging events in existence.  Most of these individuals have trained for months in order to finish the Bank of America... Read more »