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Nike kicks off OwnChicago campaign for Chicago Marathon

Last night Niketown kicked off the OwnChicago launch campaign to get everyone pumped for the marathon on Sunday.  The goal: get everyone tweeting and facebooking to @nikechicago with the (hashtag) #ownchicago about how you are going to own chicago on Sunday.  When you send the message your picture will be added to a mosaic picture-... Read more »

Marathon items for race day and recovery

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The Chicago Marathon is 3 days away and today I’m talking about a few of my favorite things for race day and recovery.  One product that I didn’t show, was my Moji Knee Cold Compression. I use this all the time! After dancing, racing or a hard day of strength I use it for my... Read more »

6 tips on how to be an excellent cheerleader for the Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is this weekend and if you’re not running it you probably are going to go cheer someone on.  Even if you don’t have anyone to specifically cheer on, everyone running out there needs some support.  After attending the race for the past 2 years to cheer on friends and clients (this year... Read more »

Chicago Marathon Week: Ladies protect your girls

Finding the right sports bra is an important tool for any woman participating in physical activity.  With the Chicago Marathon coming up I thought it was a good time to discuss the importance of finding a good sports bra.  Many women overlook this important attire necessary for an active lifestyle.  With those of you ladies... Read more »