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The 2nd day of Healthy Holiday Giveaway: RAM Racing

The 2nd day of Healthy Holiday Giveaway: RAM Racing
The next giveaway in the 12 days of Healthy Holiday Giveaways will give you an opportunity to stay active.  I’m excited to announce the second giveaway is two race entries to both RAM Racing’s Cinco de Miler and Terrapin 5k.  Yes, you and a friend of your choice will be hitting up two of the... Read more »

Motivation Monday: How NYC marathoners turned a negative into a positive

It’s Monday so here’s a little motivation to get you started for the week.  The NYC marathon was cancelled last week and no doubt there were many disappointed runners.  However, many of them decided to make yesterday a day in which they helped the Hurricane Sandy victims.  I read two great posts about runners using... Read more »

What are your goals for May? 5 tips to help you plan

This question is supposed to get you thinking about your goals for May. If you’ve done so already, bravo! So many times we go through and have all these ideas and plans for the summer, and before we know it football season is beginning. Not this year. I want you to use today and think... Read more »

Would you run in your skivvies? These people did

Fun group grabbing food at the after party at Kroll's in the South Loop.  Great healthy food options, fyi.
Hundreds came out yesterday to run in their underwear at the 1st inaugural Undie Dash 5k.  Let me tell you everyone there was proud to wear their undies! A portion of the proceeds also went to one of my favorite charities, BrightPink. The participants were amazing.  Everyone was creative, fun and excited.  They made for... Read more »

I broke my 5k average at the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison

The Media Team.  Some other team members not mentioned included, DC Crenshaw of Game Time Dime, Jen Patterson of Comcast SportsNet, Christine Garcia of Planit PR and TCW writer, and Lauren Jiggets NBC reporter.
I was extremely excited and exhausted on Saturday when I broke my 5k time at the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison.  I was running as part of the Media group along with many other Chicago Media folks you can see below.  Jimmy Greenfield was there(he’ll try to tell you he beat my time, but that... Read more »

I ran the Skirt Chasers 5K

I ran the Skirt Chasers 5K
I completed the Skirt Chasers 5k yesterday and had a great time.  I was called out a few months ago by David Wallach of Pace of Chicago to race in the Skirt Chasers 5k.  The thing that separates this race from all the rest is the women get a head 3 minute head start.  All... Read more »

3 days until my 1st 5k...

Well not exactly my first.  I did compete in one 5k ten years!  My body and training habits have changed a lot since then.  I have said this numerous times before, but running is not my favorite exercise.  However, the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison is for a good cause. I am confident that I... Read more »