Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday
















It's the beginning of the week and that means a little motivation monday to help get your week started.  Not that there's not a lot going on to help get you excited about the week; for starters the Blackhawks have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, the new Superman movie comes out Friday and this weather definitely makes me want to step outside... Well, maybe not that last one.  It actually looks kind of creepy out.  haha Anyways, back to focusing on you.

The point is there are a great deal of things to be excited about.  I like this image because it simplifies a great deal of things in life.  I encourage you to follow this saying at least for today, if not the whole week.  You will probably notice some positive changes, whether in terms of your fitness goals, your outlook on situations or the joy you find in your life.

Go out and create the best day you possibly can for yourself.  And of course, Go Blackhawks!!!!!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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