Motivation Monday: Cubs opening day-do you have hope?

Motivation Monday: Cubs opening day-do you have hope?

It's Monday and Chicago Cubs opening day, so here is a little motivation to get your day started.  The theme of today is hope.  The one thing I can say and everyone can say about Cubs fans is that they have hope.  Every year fans come back with a new found spirit and excitement that this is the year the Cubs could win the world series!  As I write this Ellie Goulding's song "Anything can happen. Anything can happen..." starts playing in my head.  It makes me smile.

Now, as fans we can't physically make the team win more games etc.  But fans can hope.  If fans are dedicated to their team what other choice do they have?  I know there are so many people that think Cubs fans are crazy for believing and continuously coming back year after year hoping.  But I have to say Cubs fans seem pretty happy.  Happy and hopeful that one day it is going to work out in their favor.

Just like everything else in life sometimes we just have to hope.  That doesn't mean we don't work hard in the direction of that hope, but it's there.  That feeling of joy that leads us to work in the direction of something we hope for.  What, really, do you have if you don't have hope?  It's the piece that drives you to do well.  To set out every day to create the life that you want.  No matter what your day is like or what your current goals are (or if you're even a Cubs fan) I hope that you have "hope".

Cubs fans, I know you do! Happy Opening Day-I'll see you there!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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