Motivation Monday: 50 life lessons

Motivation Monday: 50 life lessons

It's Monday and since it's a little rainy I think we could all use a little motivation via the way of 50 life lessons.  Regina Brett-author, journalist and speaker, has written and shared her 50 lessons life taught me.  When I first saw this article it was attached via Facebook with this beautiful picture of an older woman whom had just turned 90.  Wow, I thought this will be interesting to read.  However, when I googled the author I found no such picture, but multiple articles from websites like  I finally found Regina Brett's website.  And she is not 90 years old.

Regina Brett's words of wisdom have become a phenomenon around the internet.  Looking at her website she is a brilliant writer having accomplished a great deal.  The original article she wrote came about when she was 45.  Hence, the 45 life lessons.  When she turned 50 she added five more lessons to the list.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder on the truly important things in the world.  I enjoyed reading these over and I hope you do too.  Even if you find one tip that sticks out, keep it and apply it to your life.

Happy Monday! Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

*Click on the few tips listed here to read the full list of 50.



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