Motivation Monday: Will you get back up when you get knocked down?

Motivation Monday: Will you get back up when you get knocked down?

Today's motivation monday questions how you will or how you have responded when you've been knocked down.  It's easy when everything seems to be going right to stay positive, work hard and continue to look forward.  It's another when life seems to knock you down a bit.

I believe in life we are all tested at different times.  Just when we think we've reached a goal something steps in front of you.  Or, everything seems to be going well for so long that one little thing happens and it feels like the end of the world.  Maybe, you've had a string of things that keep getting in your way of accomplishing what you're trying so hard to accomplish.

All of these things can test our determination and wear us down.  I've always considered myself a pretty positive person.  Lately, I've had a few muscle injuries and knee issues that have just kept me from being my best fitness wise and dance wise.  Now, these are not end of the world things.  I know this.  But they are still very annoying as dancing and fitness are such a huge part of my life.  I started thinking to myself, well you can be upset about it and continue to think about it over and over again.  Or you can figure out what is going to make you come back stronger.

Since I decided in that moment to be proactive it has become much easier to be my normal positive self.  The greatest stories in history are the ones when someone overcomes something.  You are, right now, living in the greatest story you will ever be a part of, your life.  Make it one that's worthy of who you truly are.

On this dreary Monday, laugh in the face of all that tries to set you back.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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