Motivation Monday: realizing your possibilities are endless

Motivation Monday: realizing your possibilities are endless

Happy Monday! It's the first full week in March and there's lots of things to be excited about.  First, the start of March means in a few short weeks Spring will be here.    That's definitely something to look forward to if this Chicago winter is dragging you down.  On the flip side, if you're like me and love the snow you're excited that tomorrow and the next few weeks could bring some last bouts of snow that will dress our beautiful city.

The start of a new month always feels like a miniature new beginning for me.  A chance to reevaluate my goals, set new ones, change things that aren't working, etc.  By now we are two months into the new year.  Perhaps there's something you thought you would have already accomplished, or you're remembering something that you wanted to accomplish in 2013.  By this time you have 10 months left to complete it.  So set your plan and get started now.

There has also been a great deal of excitement with the Blackhawks these days.  What an amazing start! How exciting for them, we fans and our city.  Sports and other areas of life such as the entertainment industry allow us to examples of amazing things happening every day.  The reality is you never know how great things could be if you worked really hard.  Crazy, exciting and amazing things do happen.

If you're like me and love the Oscars and watch it every year (with all your guesses circled right in front of you to see if you're right) then you noticed the inspiration that occurs from watching it.  Whether you liked him hosting or not(I happened to think he did a good job), who would've thought Seth McFarlene would have had that opportunity?  This year the youngest person ever was nominated for a best actress award.  Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were both nominated.  Two actresses that have recently jumped onto our screens in what seems like only the last few years.  Not to mention one of my favorite realizations was when Ben Affleck won for Best Picture.  If you remember more than a decade back when he and Matt Damon jumped onto that stage, after winning best screen play for Good Will Hunting, you remember their faces filled with excitement and the shock.  Look at all those two have accomplished in their line of work since then.  Anything is possible.

We are shown in ways all the time whether in sports, movies or people, that we too can achieve great things.  Pay attention to the things that inspire you, excite you and motivate you.  Your adventure awaits!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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