Motivation Monday: Do you believe anything is possible? Illinois Fighting Illini vs Arizona 2005

With March Madness getting into fool swing I am reminded of how anything is possible.  As an Illini alum I am saddened at the loss to Miami last night.  It's always great to see a game so close, yet sad knowing one team will walk away and their year will be over.  Especially when it's your team.

You see I am an Illini alum.  I was on the pom team and loved every minute of every football and basketball game for my four years of college.  Unfortunately, football did well the year before I got there (sugar bowl) and the year after I graduated (the rose bowl).  But what I did get to experience was an amazing Illini basketball team with Dee Brown, Deron Williams, James Augustine and many more great players.  Just as our sports teams in Chicago do for me now, basketball in college made everything exciting.

In 2005 U of I was in the Sweet sixteen, the Elite 8 and on to their game to hopefully make it to the final four.  There was much hype, this could be the year, everyone thought.  How thrilled I was when Illinois was going to be playing right here in Rosemont.  It was spring break and I begged my dad to some how get us tickets (as the pom team we didn't get to travel to away games) to the Illiniois Vs. Arizona game.

My dad's as big of a sports fan as me and we made it happen! I was sitting way up high and I didn't care.  I screamed and yelled the whole time during the game.  A few people even turned around clearly annoyed at my Loyalty (get it illini fans?).  Towards the end of the game with six minutes left to go Illinois was down by 15 points.

People started to get up and leave, by four minutes my dad said,"honey don't be upset if they can't pull out a win they've had a great season". I couldn't listen to him and kept cheering because that wasn't even a thought I would let enter my head.  I knew it was improbable, but I had to believe. What other choice should make in life but to believe?

If you don't believe that impossible can happen, you need to watch this game because it did. Anything in life is possible.  You, like sports, have a team.  They are the positive people in your life that want to help you succeed.  You are the team captain.  The most important thing is you have to faith in yourself and your team.  Things may not work out in the direction you want them to but you will always know you tried to defeat the unimaginable.  How sad it was for all those people who gave up, walked to their cars and had to listen to the game on the radio instead of in their seats.  Because they missed one of the most inspiring life lessons I have ever seen.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.



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    thanks for the post, I love reliving that game.

  • Thanks for not leaving me hangin'! I love watching that video too! And thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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    Fortunately, over 700 people on the "unsinkable" Titanic weren't foolish enough to stick around until the final buzzer...but that was a great comeback by the Illini!

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