Motivation Monday: Why you should be excited about today

Happy Monday! If you're like me you may feel like you're dragging a bit coming off of the Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I am also very excited because we have a few more days of November this year.  Which makes me feel like I have more time to accomplish all of my november goals and get a head start on December.

All day I'm going to be sure I have a pen and paper with me to jot down all the things I want to accomplish this week.  I'm also going to use that paper to jot all the ideas and goals that I have for December.  That way I can look at it later and set some deadlines for myself on those goals.

If you're a list writer such as myself this whole day just got even more exciting.  If that doesn't appeal to you here's a list of a few other things to be excited about on this monday:

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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