Can you help create a word for eating healthy?

Recently, I was chatting with one of my clients and I began to ask my usual questions including, how has your eating been? My client replied that it was going pretty well, but that it was challenging.  When she went on to further explain she addressed an issue that I come across quite often.  She then talked about how people were saying comments like," oh you can eat that, you don't have to worry about eating bad, or eat dessert it's not going to do anything to you".  I started laughing because the situation is so true and very common.

We continued the conversation and I said it's amazing how when someone decides to be a vegan or a vegetarian that's all they have to say to people.  For the most part, I'm not saying all the time, when people hear those words they will accommodate and even make possible suggestions.  My cousin recently became a vegan and my family and I constantly encourage her decision and help make sure there are options for her to eat.  However, when a person says I'm trying to eat healthy the slew of questions and comments begin.

This happens to me on occasion and there I find myself forced to explain why I want to eat healthy. Whether it be I have a goal, a job on camera or its just what I want to do.  Usually in the conversation I end up stating I in fact love chocolate chip cookies with walnuts but just splurged the other day (as they're put right in front of my face).  It's very difficult to say no to those as they're my favorite.  And let's be honest, sometimes I just say yes after being asked 3 times.  Sometimes I regret it and sometimes I don't.  The point is coercing your friends to eat badly is not nice, people. Yes, you, I know you've done it before. haha It's okay, forgive yourself and move on from this point.

What I propose is that everyone who has experienced this situation (that I find a mix of amusing, challenging and a little unfair) we come up with a word for 'eating healthy'.  A word that has the same strength as saying I'm a vegetarian, for example.  My client and I tried to think of good words.  The best we came up with as we laughed was healthatarian.  I know, it does not simply roll off the tongue. I googled the word and some sites list it as, "Continuous Conscious Mindful Improvement of What You Put Into Your Body." That definition is fantastic, but I just don't see the word healthatarian catching on.

What words can we come with that will simply mean we are eating healthy.  A word that states strongly I am going to choose lean proteins, good fats, lots of fruits and veggies and the occasional treat. People will start to say, "I'm a ______ ". If we come up with a good word, people will eventually say, "oh wow, they're a so and so.  We should get some good options for them". With the challenge of making good choices today, perhaps this word could help others start on a journey to be healthy.

Let the list making begin now.  Have fun with it, and I can't wait to hear ideas.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.



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    Dr. Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, calls healthy eaters "nutritarians" because they eat on nutrient-dense foods rather then junk food.

  • I like that one much better than healthatarian!

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