Motivation Monday: How Marie Tillman has inspired me

Happy Monday! It’s Motivation Monday and today I am sharing with you the story of someone who has impacted my life.  Some of you may know her from the news, but I know her as my client.  My bright and early morning client that I looked forward to seeing twice a week for the last few years.  Her name is Marie Tillman.

I happened to meet Marie through a mutual friend who referred her to me.  Thinking about it now, it is amazing how certain people are introduced into our lives.  When it first happens you have no idea what type of impact they could have on your own personal journey.  I looked forward to my sessions with Marie because she has a very calming presence about her.

Every time I shared a story with Marie or asked her advice her response was always soothing.  What I took from Marie was to be patient with my life’s path, go after all the things I want to accomplish and that I right now, in this point in my life, don’t need the dog being auctioned off at the charity dinner.  She was right, I wouldn’t have won the auction anyway.  That beautiful dog raised a lot of money for charity and (don’t worry)  went to a good home.

Marie has written about her journey in a new book The Letter: My Journey Through Love, Loss and Life. (Her interview on Windy City Live is above) In it she talks about the letter her husband Pat Tillman wrote to her before he left to serve our country.  Marie shares details of their life and how the letter has continued to shape her journey.  I have been lucky enough to have Marie leave an impression in my life.  Perhaps through her book she may leave one in yours as well.

Life is a beautiful journey and you must live it fully every day.  Enjoy this Monday and have a wonderful week!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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    What a wonderful post, Ashley. It's always interesting to me who comes into our lives for various purposes. The most unlikely people in my life often offer the best and most needed advice. How awesome you get to train her! Have a great one and keep up the fantastic work!

  • I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Claire! Yes, I find the way people enter our lives fascinating! I hope you are having a great monday! Thank you for reading :)

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