SHAPE Editor, Bahar Takhtehchian, chats with me about SHAPE and shares with me her one piece of advice for women

Bahar Takhtehchian, SHAPE editor, took a few minutes to chat with me during the SHAPE Beach Tour last Saturday.  I was excited to catch up with Bahar as she is a Chicago native.  I worked with her a few years back on a fitness segment for CLTV.  I thought it would be fun to find out how she enjoys working for the magazine and what advice she has for women.  Her answer to the latter was fantastic by the way.  (Bahar gives more incite into the conversation between her, John and I in yesterday's post).

Our interview is in question and answer form:

Bahar loves that SHAPE is an inspiration.  The goal of the magazine is to help people learn something and take something away to improve their lives.

1) How does it feel to be back in Chicago?

"I was so excited to come back to Chicago as I was born and raised here.  I kept hearing whisperings this past year that Chicago may be a new stop on the beach tour.  I felt it would be a great place for the event because Chicagoan's in the summer love to be outside! I thought it would be a perfect fit for the event.  I'm so proud to show people at the magazine our beautiful city and bring SHAPE to life here in Chicago.  I love both Chicago and SHAPE."

2) If you have one piece of advice for women what would it be?

"Be nice to other women.  Women can be so competitive and our gender is already at a disadvantage.  We spent years and years trying to get equal pay and to get rights to vote.  We worked so hard to be equal to men on so many things.  Now we're kind of equal to men sometimes the people that are holding us back are other women.  And there's no reason to be competitive to other women when we should all be supporting one another.  We're all working, trying to have families and do it all.  It's a stressful time to try and be a modern women.  And we need support not people tearing us down."

I love that this was her piece of advice.  Always remember there is room for many in the world of success.  Continue to build one another up and inspire others along the way.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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