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Happy Monday!  Monday can show the tiredness on all of our faces, demonstrating what a fantastic weekend it must have been.  It can be hard getting motivated to start your week off right, but it can be done.

I've been reading a great deal about motivation, the difference between men and women (sans Men are from Mars Women are from Venus) and ultimately what people are seeking out of their lives.  I have read and believe in signs that show up in our lives. Now whether or not you believe in a higher power (which I do) signs or messages come in multiple different forms.  I believe they come to us in order to tell us something that will benefit our lives.

I think one way to tell is if a similar theme occurs over and over again in your life.  This is where I am at this week.  I have been told by two completely separate people the exact same thing.  My mother has given me a certain piece of advice for years to keep me motivated toward accomplishing my goals.  I am not going to say exactly what she says, because I cherish it and now the fact that it was said by someone else unrelated, is even more special to me.

A week ago a colleague of mine decided to give me some motivating advice as well.  And the last piece of advice he said shocked me, because it was the exact same thing my mother said.  I couldn't believe it.  It was the exact words, feeling and belief behind them that was exactly the same.  No, it was not a general motivational quote that everyone knows that they both liked.  This was something more.

I have chosen to take this advice and truly follow it.  I find it hard to believe these two people would say the exact same thing and it doesn't mean anything.  If I follow this advice and end up accomplishing some of my goals I think it was worth paying attention to. The point is, sometimes things come to you exactly when you need them.  Whether you win a new bike and you've always thought about doing a triathlon, or a child says something to you that sounds so beyond their years and it personally strikes a chord with you.

If there is something in your life that you have thought about doing that could positively impact it start paying attention.  Really be present each day in everything that you do.  You may find instructions in the form of people that are there to guide you.

Believe in yourself and the things you want to accomplish today and this week, all the way from the small to the big.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.



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    Great post, Ashley! I, too agree that there must be something to the specific motivational words that you are hearing. Sometimes I have similar experiences where someone tells me a few bits of wisdom to stay with my goals, and that same motto will be echoed later on somewhere else. I truly think that this means you are doing the right thing towards achieving greatness! Have a wonderful Monday!

  • In reply to Claire Christine:

    Thanks, Claire! I'm glad you liked it. It's neat to hear someone else has experienced a similar thing. Keep reaching toward your goals!!! Happy Monday :)

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