Introducing Nike+ Training: How it can help you

Nike+ Training is released today and I am thrilled.  I had the pleasure of getting to experience Nike+ Training a few times in the last two weeks.  In honor of the 40th anniversary of Title IX Nike held a workout at the new Nike+ outdoor basketball court with Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson.  Nike is also opening their new Fuel House in Lincoln Park close to the basketball court where you can buy the fuel band and the new Nike+ Training gear.  (They also held a small event with a few people and Shawn Johnson the day before that I attended.  We we're given the chance to interview her.  I'll be posting that soon.)

Nike+ Training is the next step further from Nike Fuel and Nike Training Club technology.  If you've never experienced Nike Fuel check out the Fuel Band. It is the band that measures your movement.  Nike created a measurement of movement called Fuel.  The more you move the more fuel you get.  So no matter what activity you're doing whether it be dancing, playing basketball or working out with a trainer it's a consistent measurement.

Nike+ is now a technology that takes your workout to the next level.  Nike has created new shoes with sensors built into them that read your movements and send them to your phone.  The app also comes with training programs that are designed to help you get, among other things, stronger and faster.  The training programs are geared around some of the top athletes in the world like Shawn Johnson, LeBron James and Hope Solo to name a few.  The workouts come up right on your screen so you can follow along.

I tried the shoes and completed Shawn Johnson's workout with her.  It was awesome. The program can even tell you how to improve your movement.  When doing squats, for example, it said to use your glutes more because it could tell the body weight was not being distributed enough to activate the glutes.  When you're done with your workout it tells you how much fuel you earned.

I love this technology for multiple reasons.  To make it simple I'm putting it in list form.

1) By earning fuel you have a guide on how much you should be moving and it can be used as a starting point.  Once you see a number on how your physical activity, most likely you will shoot to improve that number the next time.  It's been proven in studies that once people are given a number they usually want to see that number improve.

2) This takes the guessing out of what to do for a workout.  Half the time people ponder so long as to what to do for a workout that all the time they had to do one is gone.

3) As a personal trainer it can help my client's reach their goals.  Most of my clients see me an average of two times per week.  I need them to do activity outside of when they see me.  This allows me to do two things: know they have a good workout to visually follow and actually see they completed a workout without me.

4) It's fun. I enjoy doing different workouts that keep things interesting.  This way you can!

The new gear debuts today, and would be a great tool for anyone to add to their routine.  Let me know if you try it out and be sure to check back soon for my Nike+ Training Shawn Johnson interview.  In the words of NIKE "an athlete is a body. So any person that has a body is an athlete" so why wouldn't you want to be the best athlete you can be?! So go ahead just "do it".

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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