What are your goals for May? 5 tips to help you plan

This question is supposed to get you thinking about your goals for May. If you've done so already, bravo! So many times we go through and have all these ideas and plans for the summer, and before we know it football season is beginning. Not this year. I want you to use today and think about the next few months and what you want to accomplish.

1) With the warm weather joining us this week, everyone seems to be excited to bust out their summer clothes. Perhaps you want to concentrate on your fitness this summer. Are you heading out on a vacation? Do you have a wedding or an event that you want to look your absolute best at? Or do you just want a change?

Would you like to run your first 5k? How about competing in a triathlon? The Chicago Triathlon is Aug. 24-26th. If it's your first one, you could sign up for the sprint distance or you can do a relay and split up the swimming, running and biking with partners.

2) Now is the time to start planning. How many weeks out until your event? What is the deadline you are giving yourself? Mark it down in your calendar.

3) Decide how you are going to go about this. Are you going to join a running club? Seek out a nutritionist? Find a personal trainer? Join fitness classes? Once you decide, make some calls and set up your appointments. If you need recommendations I'd be happy to help.

4) How are you going to track your progress? You could use a scale, the way your clothes fit, the distance you run, your heart rate, etc. to help you measure.

5) Write down in your May calendar everything you need to do to get ready. Pick up those new pair of gym shoes, fix the tires on your bike or get a new workout outfit that makes you feel good. Be excited you're on a journey to your best self.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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