Food Revolution Day: Chicago events and why you should participate

Food Revolution Day is right is coming up this weekend May 19th.  Never heard of Food Revolution Day? It was created by Jamie Oliver, the world renowned chef who has brought to light the importance of food knowledge.  If you ever read Jamie Oliver's biography you will see a long list of accomplishments including; television show host, author, documentary film maker and food revolutionist.

As I read Jamie Oliver's biography it was clear that he was very much on a mission to change the way we all think about food.  His hit show Naked Chef, not what you'd initially think, was to teach people how to go back to the basics of food.  Jamie Oliver felt the school lunches in UK schools were not up to par and he went back to teach the kids and cooks how to prepare and enjoy healthy meals.  With all of his work, Jamie Oliver has been reaching out to help improve peoples' way of thinking about food.  He realizes the importance of educating individuals about food so they can continue to make healthy choices.  Looking at Jamie Oliver's list of awards is astounding.  The difference he is seeking to make in the world could not come at a better time.

A recent study came out in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine stating that at this rate 42% of adults in the United States alone will be obese by 2030.  That is almost half of our population.  What's even more interesting was the report stated that more education is needed for individuals.  Well, it seems fitting that this is what Jamie Oliver is looking to do.

The goal of Food Revolution Day is to bring together individuals, restaurants, chefs, farmers, etc. to join together and promote positive changes in people's food habits.  Everything that Jamie Oliver's foundation seeks to do is "educate, empower and inspire people to make better food choices".  How can you get involved?

Whether it be to volunteer or simply learn, check out what activities are going on in your area.  Or if you're the party planner there's still time to throw a dinner party.  Here in Chicago there are 7 different activities going on.  One that I think you might particularly enjoy features chefs, Ryan Hutmacher, Phil Fox-Protein Bar and Wellness Chef Eric Stein. In addition fitness experts Andrea Metcalf, Mark Beier and Suzanne Ko will be there as well. Lululemon and LUNA/CLIF Bar will be on sight and there will be KitchenAid raffle prizes.  You might also be able to try one of Mark Beier's Mark Bars.  They're pretty good.

In case you're wondering all proceeds from the Food Revolution Day go to education projects in the UK, US and Australia. Do your part in educating yourself and your children about food.  It'll be fun!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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