Motivation Monday: Join me and sign up for Fab Fest

It's Motivation Monday and for your afternoon motivation I want to encourage you to join me and sign up for Bright Pink's Fab Fest. Inspired by my friend Scott from Norton Sports who started #mmdm, make my day monday, to write about a cause important to each of us I decided to tell you more about Bright Pink. Bright Pink is an amazing organization founded by a spirited women named, Lindsay Avner.  Today's quote makes me think of Lindsay and inspires me to do all the good I can.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does." ~William James


Lindsay has grown Bright Pink to include 11 other chapters across the United States.  Lindsay and her team came up with an idea a little over 3 years ago to start an event called Fit Fest.  The event featured fun hosts, motivating exercise instructors, massage therapists, nail technicians, Smart Water (my fave) and delicious smoothies from Protein Bar.  The goal was to raise money and see how long you could last through all the exercise classes throughout the day.  I had an amazing time!

This year the events' name has been changed to Fab Fest but the fun, pampering and workouts are still just as fabulous as the first two years.  Today is a great day to sign up for Fab Fest because you still have enough time to raise funds to participate.  It's a great cause, a chance to hang with girlfriends, meet new people, exercise and of course show off your fabulousness.  There's even room for Corporate Teams so if your company wants to sign up their employees it's a great way to improve morale and get employees inspired to get fit.  Individuals commit to raising $500 and Teams of 4 $1800.  Think of it as getting $10 from 50 or 40 people.  It's not as difficult as you might think.

Join me and sign up today.  You'll be doing yourself and someone else a great deal of good.  If you can't make it to the event consider donating to the cause and help out some of my teams Fab Fantastic Four and The Fabulous Four Breastketeers.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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