Mega Millions $640 Million: What would you do if you won?

The world has become obsessed with the Illinois Mega Millions lottery jackpot.  If you've never played before now would be the time to start.  The jackpot has jumped to a record breaking $640 Million. Now, there's a high probability that more than one person could win this.  Even so, the split earnings would be enough to, hopefully positively, impact someone's life.

I don't want to get too ahead of ourselves here, but what would you do if you won? I think we've all said something, at one point or another,  if we had the money we would do..._____.  Whether it was buy your daughter a prom dress, buy a new car because yours continues to break down, take your family on vacation or hire a chef.  There's a million things, no pun intended, that you could do if you won.

Let's take getting fit as one of them.  You could hire a chef, a trainer, buy a new bike, new gym shoes, and the list goes on and on.  Now, please don't confuse what I'm saying.  I do not believe you have to have unlimited amounts of cash to be fit.  It's fun thinking of the ways you could positively impact your life and your health.

I want to know what you would do if you won.  If you don't want to jinx it, don't tell me everything. Just give me one thing that you would do.  List in the comments section.

Oh, and don't forget if you didn't buy your Illinois lottery ticket yet there's still time.  Remember, you can't win if you don't play.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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