New cellphone game seeks to improve quality time and may help with your eating choices

I came across the new cell phone stacking game, as some are calling it, on Yahoo today.  This new game craze was created by Brian "lil b" perez on his Tumblr page.  In an effort to not "be a d__ during meals with friends" (the name of his post) Brian created a game to get you more socially involved with your meal time partners.

The basic gist of the game is this: (you can see the official rules on Brian's site or watch this quick video)

Everyone places their phones faced down in the center of the table after they order.

The first person to pick up their phone during meal time pays for the entire check.

If no one picks up the check each guest pays for their own meal.

I think this is a fantastic idea! I thoroughly enjoy great conversation over meals.  It is so disruptive when someone picks up their phone (I understand the emergency, or I'm waiting for a call that could change my life).  I admit, I try to keep my phone away during meal outings, but it doesn't always happen. But when the phone is picked up the conversation is interrupted, the moment has passed and now you're sitting there.  Then my favorite is when the phone is put down.  At this point, let's recap what was going on before the phone was picked up.  Then how about the awkwardness of not knowing what that private conversation was about?  You see them smile and giggle as they text.  I don't need to know everything, not everything is my business.  However, if someone were to walk up to me I would never put my hand up and whisper in their ear in front of another friend.  That's just kind of rude.  Were not in 5th grade anymore.  But enough about how much I love the idea of this game, haha.

Not only do I think this game would be a lot of fun, improve personal communication, but I think it would help us with our eating habits.  I've seen a great deal of people emailing and texting while they eat. Sometimes people don't even eat because they get so wrapped up with what's going on with their phone. Or they just keeping eating everything on their plate because they're not focused enough to realize their body is full.  By at least taking one distraction away during meal time we can focus a little bit more on what our bodies actually need.

All the way around I think this game could be a great benefit for people's health.  What are your thoughts? Have you tried the game?

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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