Build off of 2011 for your best you in 2012

Before you head out tonight (or head to the comfort of your wonderful couch) take some time to relish in all the things that you have experienced in 2011.  Some may not have been your greatest moments, but even still, I'm sure you learned something from them. Something that you can take with you into 2012.

As I sit here and look back at the year I've had I am so grateful so many things in my life.  From the wonderful friends I've met, the relationships with people that continue to grow, the work that I've done, the charities I've been involved with and the opportunities I have received this year.  I smile as I think of all of it.

Think about this past year and figure out what you want to expand on.  What do you want to continue to grow in your life?  Write them all down and decide how you're going to go about each of them.  Make your goals realistic, fun and exciting.  Make a separate section for your fitness goals.  What can you improve on from this year? What events do you want to be a part of next year? Take out a calendar and write down specific end dates that you want to reach certain fitness goals by.  Whether it be the Chicago Marathon, fitting into a pair of jeans by a specific date or bulking up for a vacation.  Writing it down will help motivate you to reach that goal by the time you want.

Last but not least.  Toss out all the negative from 2011.  You don't need it.  Do, remember what you learned and use it to become the best you in 2012.  Relish in the excitement of your new year.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.  Have a safe and happy New Year's!


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