Motivation Monday: Abby Wambach Team USA

It's Motivation Monday and today I am posting a video of Abby Wambach from Women's Soccer Team USA.  At this time, you're probably getting ready to leave from work.  It's a beautiful day out and you could be second guessing hitting the gym and fitting in your workout.  All you need is a little motivation to stick to your routine.  I know it's nice out, but I know that you probably have a goal that you want to accomplish also.

Check out this video of Abby Wambach professional soccer player on Team USA.  The women's team has been doing amazing this season, no doubt a result of all their hard work.   So enjoy this video and hopefully it will give you the motivation you need this Monday.  If you've already finished your workout, congrats! Watch and be proud of the fact that you did your body well.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.

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