Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete POWERADE ZERO Training Camp

I had the pleasure of holding a Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete competition prep class with my POWERADE ZERO team.  The Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete challenge was searching for the athlete that could successfully complete skills in basketball, football, baseball, MMA and an obstacle course.  The winner would receive $5,000!

As the host of POWERADE ZERO fit club I set up a training camp to help get people ready to compete.  We completed tasks such as; flipping tires, lifting and running with sandbags, box jumping, monkey bars, shuttle run and football throwing.  We even had some help from some of my favorite trainers Donell Watts (we worked together to get me swimsuit ready for Miss Illinois USA and Miss USA), Michael Rupert and Brian Kent (who played baseball at the professional level for 3 years, to help us with our pitching skills).  
Everyone stayed hydrated with POWERADE ZERO and took home some goodie bags I put together with my favorite things.  With the help of some great health conscious companies  each bag contained Men's or Women's Sports Multivitamins from GNC, KINDBARs and a coupon from Protein Bar for a drink or a bowl.  
Everyone sweat, burned calories and had a lot of fun doing it.  A picture is worth 1,000 words so check out the album below.  I hope you can join me during the next  POWERADE ZERO Fit Club Event.
Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.   

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