Being a Chicago Bulls Fan at the Miami Heat game

Ever thought about what it's like to be a Bulls fan at a Miami Heat game? I've thought about it before, and now I've experienced it.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading to Miami to support my favorite team, the Chicago Bulls, as they fight to win the Eastern Conference finals. 

It was my first time in Miami and my first time being a "visitor" for an NBA game.  Aside from the performance difference, it was very weird to be a visitor.  I've always had these thoughts and ideas about how fun it would be to travel to an away game and support your team.  Make no doubt about it, I was thrilled to be there to show my support of the Chicago Bulls.  However, it is very different being on someone else's turf. 

I give these athletes credit going to places where they are the disliked.  I appreciate good sportsmanship.  So to go into another arena and hear people yell rude and mean things to your team is extremely disheartening and disappointing.  Is it necessary to be so rude?  I think not. 

The American Airlines Arena was much different than I had expected.  The only professional basketball arena I have ever known is the United Center.  The arena looked much smaller when I walked in.  I felt like I was at a college basketball stadium, not a professional one.  The United Center can hold upwards of 22,000 people whereas American Airlines Arena can only hold about 19,000. 

Their starting line up is also nothing compared to the Chicago Bulls.  Perhaps its because the Chicago Bulls starting line up is the most recognized in the world.  I certainly did not feel intimidated by the two flames shooting off the sides of the basketball nets when each player was announced. 

Last the entertainment at the games was much different.  I am so fortunate that we have Benny the Bull, the Incredibulls, the Luvabulls (Of course I'm a little biased) and all of the other performance groups.  The Bulls really work to give you a show every time the bball action stops. 

Being a visitor allowed me not only the chance to see what its like in another teams' house, but to appreciate how lucky we Chicagoans are.  Just as much as as I felt like an outsider at the Heat game, imagine how other teams feel when they come to Chicago.  I have no doubt, they must be overwhelmed.  So if you get the chance to be a visitor for your home team, try it out.  It is definitely worth it.  Just stay strong and know that I'm sure the team loves and appreciates you showing your support.   

Fans, you make more of a difference than you will ever know.  Sitting on that court hearing the roar of the crowd is bone chilling excitement.  Keep that energy up and never let anybody forget that the UC is our house!

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago!  Go Bulls!!!! 


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