One women's amazing weightloss story with LIVESTRONG.COM

Victoria was featured on
LIVESTRONG.COM's Success Stories. Victoria's weight loss story is
truly inspiring. With the help of LIVESTRONG.COM's applications that
I featured in my previous blog "How LIVESTRONG.COM can help you reach your goals", Victoria lost 135lbs. In 15 months at the beautiful age of 50.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria, where I asked her 10
questions I thought might help you understand how she found success

1)What are 3 pieces of information you
learned from the LIVESTRONG app/website that helped you on your

  • Portion Size-by using the MyPlate
    Tool Victoria learned how small portion sizes really were.

  • She also learned how many calories
    were in each portion size. The MyPlate Tool has a wide variety of
    grocery list items and restaurant items to easily track what you

  • She also learned how many calories
    she was burning by using the tool to track her daily exercise.

2)What is your occupation? (I wanted to
ask this to see if she had a relatable job to most readers.

Turns out she does.)

  • Victoria works with computer
    software. Victoria said that she found the LIVESTRONG.COM app very
    easy to use.

3)What made you choose this app over
another app to use?

  • First, the credibility of the LIVESTRONG name created by Lance Armstrong.
  • Secondly, it made many more
    features than any other app out there. 

4)Did you choose your own caloric goal
or did you use the calorie calculator? (The MyPlate Tool asks you for
your daily caloric goal or it will help you determine yours.)

  • The Calorie Calculator because it
    helps you set the right goal. Victoria learned to adjust it as time
    went on and she became more active.

  • Victoria is currently in the
    maintenance phase.

5)At first, were you nervous to share
your journey publicly on LIVESTRONG.COM? If so, how did the
LIVESTRONG community help you overcome that?

  • No she wasn't. I saw very quickly
    that there were so many people out there just like her. Whether they
    were looking to lose a small amount of weight or a lot, it was a
    comfortable place. Started sharing on Facebook as well.

6)How often did you use the weight
chart feature? Daily? Weekly? Based on your answer, how did that time
frame help you with your goals? (There is a graph that allows you to
visually see your progression on your journey. This is one of my
favorite features. Weightloss is easier to adhere to when you can
visually see progress.)

  • Looked at her weight every day,
    but logged it once a week. Victoria tracked her weight the same day
    each week and began to see a dramatic difference on the chart.

7)How much time did it take you each
day to log your food intake with the MyPlate feature and weight into
the weight chart?

  • Minutes. Wherever she was at she
    could easily put it in because she had the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie
    Tracker smartphone app. The app has a recently eaten feature, so
    you can quickly go back to something you eat often.

8)Do you feel that working with a
trainer was beneficial to helping you be successful? And if so, how?

(Victoria mentioned that she worked
with a trainer to help her with her fitness goals. Being a trainer I
wanted to see if it was beneficial for her.)

  • Helped give her a little extra
    push. Paying for her sessions made her go to the gym. She couldn't
    cancel on her trainer at the last minute. It was an extra push to
    do what I needed to do. Eventually, going to the gym became a
    habit. In the beginning that's what she needed to do to get to the

9)How did you feel when you were able
to visually see your successful progress on the weight chart?

  • Can't describe it. If there was a
    way I could publish that weight chart I would be thrilled. It was
    the greatest visual motivator I have ever used. It was a sloping
    line very consistent.

10)Are you still using the
LIVESTRONG.COM applications and features?

  • Still using them, but on a
    different level.

  • When she initially began she was
    learning how many calories she was eating and burning

  • Currently, she is using the
    website and apps to control percentage of protein, carbs and fat.
    Very interested in those things, and improving education on

Victoria has reached success using
LIVESTRONG.COM and the Calorie Tracker app for smartphones. By
hearing a little more of her story I hope you have learned how easy
this application is to use. Perhaps, a piece the advice Victoria shared will work for you as well.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 

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