Help the Kyle Korver Foundation during NCAA March Madness


NCAA March Madness has begun and you can help the Kyle Korver Foundation raise money for Chicago's very own Brown Elementary School(where most of the students are below the poverty line).  The Kyle Korver Foundation has partnered with and they need your help. turns unused gift cards into funds that help organizations in need.  All gift cards collected in connection with the Kyle Korver Foundation will go towards funding supplies for students, cleaning up the school and rewarding dedicated teachers at the West Loop Brown Elementary School.

How can you specifically help, you ask? It's easy.  Most of us will be getting together this month to watch NCAA tournaments.  Host an NCAA tournament/gift card party!  It goes a little something like this:


1) Decide which day you're going to invite your friends to watch some bball. 

2) Send them an invitation explaining that all they need for entry is an unused gift card (with any value remaining). 

Have a bouncer at the door to collect the gift cards as they enter.  (Stay strong! Don't let them enter without one.  Even if they give you the sad face :( This is for kids, people.  Politely point them in the direction of the nearest drug store where multiple gift cards are sold.  Tell them you can not wait for their return as the party would not be the same without them :)

4) After the party, mail your stack of gift cards to Gift Card Giver,
     attn: KKF
     PO Box 17920
     Atlanta, GA 30316   

If you'd like to register for a Gift Card Giver House Party send an email to (with host name, date @ time of party, and party
address) and they will equip you with a custom digital invitation for
your party.

Just think how many children you'll be helping in your very own neighborhood.  Be creative, you can keep a can at work to collect unused gift cards as well.  If we all take just a moment of our time, we can make a huge positive impact on others in need.

Send me pics and details of your KKF gift card party/NCAA parties.  I'd love to post them! Don't forget, this only happens through the month of March. 

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.


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