Win an entry to race in the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

You can win an entry to race in one of Chicago's most fun races, Ram Racing Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Last night Fall officially began.  With some of the chillier weather in the beginning of the week, I was actually starting to believe it.  All I can think about is Halloween Costumes, Basketball, warmer clothes and of course Hot Chocolate to keep me warm. 


The Hot Chocolate 5k or 15k has become one of the hottest races in Chicago.  It's a great post race for all of you Chicago Marathon runners.  This year the race is in Grant Park on November 6th.  Runner's World has even declared the Hot Chocolate Goodie Bags as the best in the country!  The post party is sponsored by the fabulous Ghirardelli chocolate.  After a nice long run you can indulge in that Chocolate. 

I am very excited to be a part of this race this year. And I want to share my excitement with my readers.  I have two entries to give away.  I want to know who your favorite workout partner is and why? Is it your mom, your best friend, etc.? How do they motivate you, what's your favorite fitness activity to do together?  Tell me in 3 sentences why they're your favorite.  Leave a comment below by Monday at 11pm.  I will be recruiting some fitness savvy ladies to help me decide who wins.  The winner will receive two entries, one for themselves and one for their favorite workout partner.   

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.   

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  • I love to run with the girls I coach at Girls on the Run. They inspire me with their endless energy and enthusiasm! We love to run, skip, dance, and play. :)

  • I love to run with my best friend Charlotte. We can talk, laugh, dance, run or be completely silently while running together. It's not about the miles or the time, it's about being ourselves and enjoying the run.

  • My favorite running partner is my boyfriend, Sam. Pals for a few years, it was only after training for and running a marathon together that we finally got our act together and became a couple. Nothing beats sharing long training runs, pre-race jitters, and the final 26.2 awesome miles with your best friend.

  • I run with Dave. Met him last year after I emailed him about running the marathon this year. He's been my mentor, been there to push, cheer and be a sounding board through this whole process. We talk about work, food, stress, training on our runs and I can't wait to run the marathon with him in 2 weeks!

  • I began running in March 2010 a year after the death of my dear sweet 6 year old little boyfriend, Cody, to a devastating childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. He is my motivation, my inspiration, my drive to push myself beyond and my angel running buddy. Julie, has been an inspiration and a running buddy this past year as she runs in honor of her daughter who completed treatment for childhood leukemia last year; together we run to honor and remember children impacted by childhood cancer.

  • I love these entries!!! I am going to extend the deadline for people to enter this. I will keep you updated!

  • In reply to AshleyBond:

    Hi Ashley,
    I was wondering when the new deadline is.

  • In reply to run4ward:

    We have decided today, I will be posting the announcement this afternoon. Can you please email me as soon as possible at ?


  • In reply to run4ward:

    My running partners seem to be growing exponentially this fall! I used to enjoy solitary workouts although that has changed recently. My very 1st running partner ever turned out to be my boyfriend who one night this summer joined me on my typical speedwalk around our neighborhood. Sports psychologists will say that the simple fact that he was by my side made me push myself to jog the entire time instead of walk/jog (mostly walk). I've been working towards my first 5k ever since that fateful night.
    My other two favorite running buddies are our children. Our eight year old was destined to the same experience I had as a child athlete; running is a punishment. Now (that football season is over) it's his sport. One night I was telling him how after we drop of his football buddy that it would be time for our run. His buddy, one of the heaviest guys on the team, piped up and asked if he could go along. He's a second grader and he ran around our neighborhood with us like he was one of the family! Our eleven year old daughter is your classic first born and very bookish. It's been a challege getting her to be active. She has slowly come around to going on runs with me after I set a family goal to run our first 5k as a Turkey Trot this year. She has taken her runs from a chore to a goal after getting used to the motion, improving her form a la chi running techniques and seeing the pay-offs like increased definition in her calves and overall posture. When we saw the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k ad in Chicago Parent magazine my daughter just about flipped out. You see, she's a chocoholic and likely will be for life. We hear there is no known cure. I asked her if she felt like she'd be ready to run her goal of 5k two weeks sooner than our original goal. She sincerely stated, "oh yeah" and I believe her, judging by the progress she's already made. I had planned to order each family member a custom tech tee as a reward for meeting this challenge I put in front of them. Her's is going to say "will run for chocolate". How wonderful a treat it would be to get to enter into her first race already ahead of goal. Warm regards to all.

  • In reply to run4ward:

    I wish I would've known about this sooner! I wanted to run in this, but found out I will be out of town that weekend with my family. Have fun and I hope you all love the goodie bag.....I heard it was yummy!! :)

  • In reply to run4ward:

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for submitting your answers. They were all phenomenal. It was a very hard decision. The winners have been chosen and have been notified. Please check back tomorrow 10/21/10 to find out who won!

  • In reply to AshleyBond:

    My favorite workout partner is my friend Sue, between us we have 11 children and have lost over 127lbs in the past year by motivating each other to get to the gym and exercise and eat right. My favorite workout activity is the weight room and doing a free weight circuit. I have one more goal for this year to run a 5k. I have been practicing and building up my minutes of running each day for the past month.

  • My favorite workout partner is my husband of 25 years, Marty, who really understands that my running might seem like a obsession to an outsider but is just who and what I am! He may not be able to match me mile-for-mile (yet!) but his efforts to always try truly inspire and motivate me. He has taught me that it is better to complete than compete and makes me forget that I have gone from being the last one picked in gym class to a triathlete and ten-time half-marathoner.

  • My favorite training partner is my team - Jenny Spangler Racing. They are the most passionate, hard working, motivated runners I know. Rain, heat, humidity, snow, freezing temps, you name it.. These guys and girls get it done... And hold me accountable for getting it done!

  • Depends on what I'm doing... Running - my favorite partner is my dog! She's the reason I started running, and it's tough to not enjoy a run when I see how happy she is! Plus, a tired dog is a good dog! :) If I'm CrossFitting, then all of the people at the gym help! The best motivator to finish a lift is someone standing next to you and screaming "UP!!!" :)

  • Right now my favorite workout partner is myself. Having just started running again, I feel I have reconnected with myself and the person I use to be. It has been a wonderful journey; getting healthy, getting to know ME again, and learning how to respect myself!

  • I love working out alone. Namely running. However, my boyfriend is a great workout partner too.

  • I have two favorite running partners, one is my furry four legged buddy, but the other is the girl who introduced me to running in the first place - Molly. She's a dedicated runner who works hard at her sport, but she does not hesitate to join me on a run, at my pace. She's a great cheerleader, coach, running partner, and most importantly friend.

  • My running friends Vern, Lori, Tonya, Darryck and Andie meet me nearly every Wednesday on the lakefront for what we call "5 @ 5" -- 5 miles at 5 a.m. Many of us met training for marathons during the bracing winter of 2008. They've become some of my best friends and motivators -- we've shared job losses, breakups, promotions and new babies together over hundreds of miles.

  • I like to workout with my friend Eddy. We love doing step aerobics :D She motivates me work harder and "bring it" 110%. We also run together and we'd LOVE to run this race for the first time together. Yay!!

  • I love to run with my 10 y.o. son. While running is not his favorite activity, he does it just about every weekend so we can have some time together - just the two of us! I cherish the workout, and the time with him.

  • As a Resident Head in a college dorm, I love running on the lakefront path with my residents. As they experience all the new freedoms that come with leaving home for the first time, it helps many of them take ownership for their health and avoid the fabled "freshman 15". And for me, its a great challenge just to keep up with partners 10+ years younger!

  • My Saucony Kinvaras and Fastwitch shoes are my FAV running partners. They keep me moving forward through the tempo, interval, long and hard runs. O.K. so it's not just the shoes...everything outside right now is the best, the amazing leaves in full color, the cooler weather and our awesome running paths in Chicago - all my partners!

  • I like to run with my daughter. I quit running in my 20's (after I had my daughter). Now that she is in her 20's, she has encouraged me to run with her (at 53). We ran our 1st 1/2 Marathon together in May.

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