Dr. Oz Shares His Thoughts On Artificial Sweeteners

Last week I had the pleasure of being on a conference call with Dr. Oz.  There were at least 5 of us on the conference call from different areas of the field.  A nutritionist, another blogger and someone from Elle Media Network Publishing to name a few.  

I heard a great deal about upcoming topics on the Dr. Oz show for May-they seem very interesting you should check them out.  I'll give you some more info on that later.  
The question that I really wanted to ask Dr. Oz was how he felt about the artificial sweetener Sucralose.  Sucralose has been popping up in many different no calorie drinks.  I've been doing some research and have found out that Sucralose is Splenda.  I know, I admit I was ignorant to that connection.  I try to stay away from Splenda because I don't believe it is good for your body. (Numerous people in the nursing program at U of I told me that your body just cannot break it down because its not natural).  And that also happens to be part of Splenda's hype because it is not broken down by the body it therefore contains no calories.  
Now, I asked Dr. Oz his thoughts on Sucralose, and here is what he said: 

Dr. Oz stated, "there is not as much bad press surrounding Sucralose". It has not been out for as long as some sweeteners like Aspartame (Splenda approved by FDA in 1998, whereas Aspartame was approved in 1974).  There has been countless claims against the use of Aspartame, which has been found in numerous diet drinks.  

Dr. Oz also stated that, "he does like Stevia".  Stevia is a natural sweetener that is slowly gaining popularity.  My trainer Donell absolutely loves it.  I'm not sure that I am for it either way.  But I do know that you only need a pinch of it to sweeten anything.  I put a little too much in my oatmeal when I tried it.  Wow!!!! Very sweet.  It is 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar(this statement is on their website).  
Dr. Oz continued on and said something that I found very interesting.  He said, "he really doesn't see artificial sweeteners helping people lose weight".   And think about it, have you really seen anyone drinking diet soda lose weight?  He continued on by saying, "that artificial sweeteners are basically trying to trick the brain.   The brain knows this and reminds your body to eat because it needs nutrients".  
So those are his thoughts on the topic.  I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the topic.  Do you use Splenda or another artificial sweetener?  Do you like the way it tastes?  And what are your reasons for using it over real sugar?  
I'd be happy to share more of my thoughts on the topic as well.  Let me know what you think! 
Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.  

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  • Typical Dr Oz, saying nothing about something and you even quoted him doing it. He should stick to cardiology and stop giving people questionable advice about areas he has no knowledge. In fact, this whole blog entry says nothing. Geez! What a waste of internet space!

  • In reply to jmike:

    The article happens to say exactly what the title says, his thoughts on artificial sweeteners. Since you feel he has no knowledge about artificial sweeteners, you imply that you do. And if that be the case I would love to hear your opinion on them-and what you know.
    My blogs have always been about sharing information.
    Sorry you didn't like it, but I appreciate you reading the blog.

  • In reply to jmike:

    I love this blog post because it raises the awareness of artificial sweeteners and gets the conversation going, which I believe that was what you were trying to accomplish.
    I wasn't aware that sucralose was actually splenda either, so that was a great point to make. I was also interested to learn more about Stevia and it is good to know Dr. Oz thinks it is ok. However, I wonder if this sweetener like every other will eventually be found not good for us.
    I did use splenda in the past but now for the last 5 yrs or so have been only using and buying items that have natural sugars in them. Thanks for the great blog!!

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