I'm being auctioned off for charity!

Come join me on Saturday at the Abbey Pub and help raise money for the Keep on Keeping On Foundation.  Have a great night with your friends and bid on some of Chicago's very own.  And let's not forget Kyle Jennings, who will be in from Nashville performing.


I have to admit I was a little intrigued when I was first asked if I would be willing to auction myself off for charity.  
Charity work is very important to me.  So I discussed the details with
the organizers and made sure I was okay with the parameters.  So when I
say I am being auctioned, I will be going to a public place such as
dinner, sporting event etc. with the highest bidder.  I think this is a
fun way to raise money for charity and I was happy to help out. 

Having said that, I am competitive and want to raise the most money for
this organization, haha.  So tell as many people as you can about this
event, pull out your wallets and bid for me :)  I'll keep you updated
on how the event went and how it was to be auctioned off.   

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 

Be sure to send me all of your holiday fitness questions.  The holidays are less than 3 weeks away! 

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