Healthy Christmas Dinner Menu

Many of you have worked so hard over the past month to not overeat and stick to your daily fitness routine.  With Christmas two days away I'm sure some of you are wondering how you can make your dinner a little healthier.  We all have traditions that make our holidays special.  So if there's something you really want or you have been waiting the whole year to eat it, make it.  

Cook some extra veggies this year and make them fill up almost 1/2 of your entire plate.  If you think of your plate like a clock fill up your plate with veggies(salad) from 12-5.  
Make a salad and start off with that.  You'll fill yourself up on something healthy, thereby limiting your chances that you will over eat on the not so good stuff for you.
Fill 1/4 of your plate with some sort of protein.  
The other 1/4 fill with carbs like sweet potatoes and some of your aunt's famous jello.  haha
Be careful on the appetizers.  If you are headed to someone's house and are unsure of what to bring offer to bring a fruit tray or a veggie tray.  
Here is a website filled with amazing recipes from salads to spiral stuffed turkey breast.  These recipes would be a wonderful addition to keep your Christmas dinner healthy.  
Enjoy planning your menu.  You can still have a great tasting healthy holiday dinner.
Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.
Let me know if you have any questions.   


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  • Great advice, Thanks Ashley!

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