Shooting the puck at the Blackhawks game tonight

I am very excited today because I am shooting the puck at the Blackhawks game tonight.  I'm thrilled to have another opportunity to be a part of an awesome tradition.  How will I do you wonder? Well I will tell you that I have prepared for this just like I did for throwing out the 1st pitch at the Cubs game and White Sox game.  I hope that the outcome is just as successful. 

Seeing as I have never hit a hockey puck before (well shouldn't say never, I think we played floor hockey in gym class, but does that really count? haha).  I've been spending some time at Johnny's Ice House getting ready for the event.  Learning how to hold the hockey stick the correct way, shoot the puck and aim for the goal (my goal being a six inch hole down the center of the goal).   

I felt pretty good about everything for the most part, but thought I could use a little help.  So I was set up with some practice time with Adam Burish (thank you everyone at the Blackhawks organization).  Believe it or not, I made the first one in.  haha The other shots were pretty good, but I definitely did not make them all in.  Some of the other players stopped by as well.  Patrick Sharp, a Victoria's Secret sexiest Chicago athlete nominee, hopped on the ice to show me how to aim and follow through with my shot.  The guys said I was doing a pretty good job.  So after I made five total shots I was content with my practice session.

I think I've done all I can to get ready for tonight.  So I am setting out feeling prepared and hoping for the best :) 

Game starts at 7:30 tonight, they usually show the shooters.  I will update you all tomorrow. 

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. And Go Blackhawks! 


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  • You did awesome. Two of your shots were so close I thought they were going right in. Great job.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Thanks Jimmy! It was so much fun. I really thought that last one was going to go in. haha but at least they were close. :)

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