YOU! How well do you really know you?


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, YOU! the experience.  This new exhibit is interactive and innovative way to teach you about your mind, body and health.  It encourages you to eat healthy, exercise, laugh and relax.  It even shows you what happens to your body if you don't take care of it.  There are games, interactive stations and inspiring messages throughout the exhibit.



Some of the major stations at the exhibit are:


The Giant Heart is a whopping 13ft tall and 8 ft wide.  It is made up of real life images of the heart and simulates the real sound of a beating heart.  It can even sync up to match a guest's actual heartbeat.  This technology is absolutely amazing.  It is definitely a site to see.   


The human sized Hamster Wheel is designed to get your body moving. 
This area was swarmed by the children when I was there.  They were all
very excited to try out a hamster activity haha.  I really wanted to
try this, but felt bad taking the spot of a waiting child.  I will go
back.  You're never too old for exercise and


There is even a human patient simulator, iStan.  iStan (for "Standard
Man") was designed for the U.S. Army and is used in many medical
schools.  However, YOU the experience brings iStan right at your
fingertips for you to learn and enjoy.  iStan is 154lbs and 6ft. tall. 
He simulates real emergencies such as an asthma attack or heart
failure.  He can even bleed.  Guests can learn how to check for vitals
(on their own body and iStan's), respond to iStan's medical emergencies
and treat them.  iStan is a unique opportunity for those who have never
been in a medical setting.  It is also a great way to actually see what
happens to the body in medical crisis. 


Move along with a virtual coach teaching tai chi, basketball or hip hop
dance.  When you step on the reflective flooring your silhouette is
projected on screen and you can move along with your coach in a
colorful way. 

My favorite part of the exhibit is the plastinated specimens.  If any
of you were able to check out the BODY WORLDS exhibits in the past few
years, you have seen some of these amazing specimens.  "All of the
specimens have been voluntarily donated by individuals who willed that,
upon their death, their bodies could be used for the education of
others".  They have been carefully preserved through a process called
plastination.  As a result, you are able to see an actual digestive
system, the entire arterial workings of the body, healthy vs. diseased
organs, comparisons of a normal vs. obese leg and an expanded body (the
seperation of the entire interworkings of the body held by a thin
structure), to name a few.  This is a unique opportunity to see the
human body and how it reacts to how well you treat it.


There are many more things to do and see at this exhibit.  I personally
challenge you to age your face in the "Face Your Future" station and
see what your face could potentially look like in 20-50 years.  It will
definitely inspire you to take better care of yourself.  Or challenge a partner by seeing who can relax more.     


Bring the family or grab a friend and head out to experience this
amazing exhibit all about, YOU!  It is sure to be a great time.  I had
a great time at this exhibit by myself, but I will definitely be going
back with some friends.  I personally enjoy this exhibit because it
reminds me of being in my anatomy and physiology classes in college.  I
get that same feeling of excitement that I learned something about
myself.  They say that knowledge is power, and this exhibit gives you
the knowledge to take care of your body.  And you have the power to
take control of how you treat your body.  That fact alone is inspiring
to me, to know that I hold the power to give my body the best chance of
being healthy and working well. 

I felt the need to share this information with you because I think we
(Chicagoans) are extremely lucky to have an exhibit like this available
to us.  The technology and innovative activities in this exhibit are
usually reserved for those attending universities, colleges or those
going into a health related field.  But it is right here at your
fingertips and available to everyone, so I encourage you to take
advantage of it.     

The museum is also giving you a treat this month by giving you free
admission every weekday this month, October.  If you can't head out
during the week, the YOU! the experience exhibit is included in general
admission which is $13 for adults, $12 for seniors and $9 for kids ages
3-11.  The Museum of Science and Industry is open from 9:30am-4pm
Mon.-Sat., and 11am-4pm on Sunday. 

Let me know if you go and what your favorite part was :)

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.        


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