Nagging Foot Injuries

In the middle of last week I noticed an annoying pain in the top of my arch on my left foot.  I didn't think much of it, and I realized it had started bothering me a few days before.  It was a much duller annoying pain in the beginning of the week.  But by Wednesday, my foot was killing me every time I walked. 

I knew the pain could not be plantar fasciitis (we'll explain that another time), as the pain was not in the bottom of my foot.  The only thing that I could think of was that I had acquired a tiny stress fracture.
        A stress fracture is different from another fracture because it is not caused by one specific incident usually.  It is usually an overuse injury or an injury that occurred but had never healed.  I THOUGHT this may have been the result in my case as I had just gotten into practice again for the Chicago Luvabulls and just ran the Blackhawks 5k (and we all know running is not one of my consistent activities).
I wrapped my arch to help heal the pain while I walked.  I took it easy
this past week and it slowly began to get better.  (However, by that
point I had already made a Dr.'s appointment) and decided maybe I
should just go to make 100% sure there was nothing going on. 

        I was a little reluctant to go to the doctor because I didn't
want to waste his time, my time or my money.  But better safe than
sorry.  So I went in the office and the doctor did some tests, (like me
standing on my tippy toes with both feet and with one foot).  The fact
that I could do both indicated that I did not tear any of the tendons
in my foot.  (Always a good thing to find out). 

        Then x-rays were taken of my foot to make sure there were no
fractures.  We got the results and of course there were not.  I say
that in a very grateful way, however wished I didn't spend the money to
hear what I was almost sure I knew at that point.  I had in fact
irritated my Tibialis Anterior, which caused some swelling and


The Tibialis Anterior is responsible for flexion of the foot (when your toes come toward your head).  Hence the reason, it didn't hurt me as much when I wore high heels. 

         Stress fractures can be very hard to see in an x-ray
because they are so tiny.  So if my foot is still irritating me in two
weeks I am supposed to go in for an MRI.  The MRI can pick up stress
fractures much better than an x-ray.  (I don't think I will need it as
I am feeling better every day).    

My trainer, Donell Watts, had guessed this may have been the case.  He
looked at my gym shoes and saw that my arch support had fallen (they
are definitely worn out and I need a new pair), and was not protecting
my foot as it should. 

Reality is I feel better that I know my foot is not broken or
fractured.  I'm not gonna lie I do feel like I didn't really have to
see the Dr.  However, the reality is you never know.  Sometimes an
injury seems like its nothing and it is.  So use your discretion, but
always take care of your body.  It is the only one you have and it does
a great deal for you.

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 



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  • Plantar fasciitis is definitely a pain. I'm so glad it's feeling better now. Injuries in the foot are the most annoying b/c there is really no way to avoid constantly feeling it.

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