I made it through the Blackhawks 5k

I successfully survived the Blackhawks Mad Dash to Madison 5k.  I am extremely happy with the way I performed in the race.  I ran with the Media team which included individuals from some of Chicago's Media outlets, to name a few; Amy Freeze, Jimmy Greenfield, Chris Sowers and Melissa McGurren


Everyone on the team did great.  Chris Sowers suggested that I didn't start off too quickly so that I could make it all 3.1 miles.  So I made sure to start with a good pace.  However, by the time we hit the 3rd mile my knees were starting to hurt, my hips were getting tight and my hamstrings felt like they were going to detatch from my pelvis(I know, quite a detailed description).  But at that point I was more than half way done and I was going to finish.  I ignored the slight discomfort and became elated at the sight of the United Center.  I pushed myself through the last stretch and made it past the finish line in less than 32 minutes. 

A friend of mine asked me for suggestions so she could successfully complete her 5k next weekend.  So here is what I did to help me get through the race and I think it would help you too.   
1) Motivation.  I was motivated to complete this 5k in under 35 minutes
and not stop.  That was my goal and I was going to do everything I
could to make sure it happened. 

2) A little breakfast an hour before the race.  I ate a banana and half
of my Chunky Peanut Butter Think Thin protein bar.  This way I didn't
feel like my stomach was too heavy, but it gave me the energy and
nutrients I needed. 

3) A good running partner to keep you focused, distracted and motivated. 
Thank you to my running partner Catherine.  Catherine is training for
the marathon so she kept me on pace and focused to achieve our goal. 
We were able to talk which distracted me from the distance of the run
as well.  It was also great motivation to be next to someone that
wanted to successfully complete the race too.

4) A stretch before the race.  I made sure to stretch my hamstrings,
quads, calves, achilles tendon, shoulders, back and neck.  I also did
ankle circles to get them warmed up. 

5) Comfortable and efficient clothing.  I wore capris and Nike Dry Fit
top.  I liked the capris because I didn't feel like my legs were
annoyingly rubbing against eachother.  The Nike Dry Fit top wicked away
the moisture and allowed my skin to breathe. 

All of these things contributed to me successfully completing the 5k. 
I hope these tips help you.  Let me know if you have any other
questions or suggestions. 

Have a fun and fit day, Chicago.       


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  • Get tough Ashley Bond! A little less time at the clubs a little more time getting ready for a butt kicking. When you lose our contest you are going to be running a 1/2 Marathon with me!

  • Ashley - awesome to meet you! -amy

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