Want to hear what I think about the Miss Illinois USA system?

Since I am part of the same system that Jen was involved in, I felt compelled to share my experience about the Miss Illinois USA pageant system. 

To begin, I have not been doing pageants my entire life.  Some girls have, but I am not one of them.  I competed in only three pageants, the Miss Illinois USA pageant for two years and then Miss USA.  My first year I placed in the top 16 and the second year I won.

The year I placed in top 16 my fellow Luvabull, Shanon Lersch, won.  I told her after she won that I was going to win next year because I wanted to receive the title from her.  That year I did everything I could to go into the pageant feeling my absolute best.  I have always been physically active, but I thought could I train harder? Could I work harder at the things I wanted?  The answer was yes.  And luckily for me, it paid off.  (I mention this because I believe, in fitness and in life, you can set a goal and achieve it if you want it bad enough). 


Personally, I do not believe that this system is degrading to women.  (I am very interested in hearing peoples' thoughts and opinions on if and why they believe it is degrading? And is it pageants in general or the swimsuit competition?).  The swimsuit competition was my favorite part of the competition.  Why? because I worked my butt off to look the way I did.  I view this segment as a fitness competition.  My goal was not to be the thinnest person, it was to have a strong, toned and feminine body.  And I can assure you, (as my friends and family will attest), that I eat a lot and definitely do not throw up afterward.


In case you're wondering, I did have a sparkly dress, and I absolutely loved it. 

I also know that brains will help you accomplish what you really want to in life.  There is a reason why I focused on graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before I focused on my other goals, (such as this).  I graduated with high honors receiving my bachelor of science in Kinesiology, just in case anyone wanted to know haha.   

I personally did not feel that the Miss Illinois USA system was at all rigged.  (There are different owners from when Jen was in the pageant as well.  Obviously, it was proven that they were rigging their pageant). 

I will be completely honest when I say that I was heartbroken that I didn't place in the top 15, yet alone win, while competing for Miss USA.  I felt I worked hard and would have been a good representative.  However, life isn't always fair.  My reality is that everything works out the way it is supposed to and I was meant to come back here to Chicago. 


Because I wasn't done with Chicago and Chicago wasn't done with me. 


back home allowed me to meet the most amazing people.  I have met
numerous athletes and celebrities while rallying together for good
causes.  I even met Oprah Winfrey at a charity event.  I mean its Oprah
Winfrey, this hugely empowering, spiritual life force.  Who doesn't
want to meet her?  I've met athletes and business owners right here
from Chicago.  Many of whom have a common goal of making our city a
great one.  

Not to mention, all of the wonderful people I
have met that dedicate their lives to a cause.  I have attended
numerous charity events over the past nine months.  Some of them are;
the Best Buddies Organization, Children's Memorial Hospital, Kicks for Cancer, the H foundation, Special Olympics Polar Plunge, Be Bright Pink and Autism Speaks. (Check out their websites to see how you can get more involved). 

pageant appearances 111.JPG

of the reasons why I wanted to become Miss Illinois USA was to help
others on a larger scale.  I have had organizations tell me  they have
raised more money because I was involved with their event.  Whether
that be attending, selling raffle tickets or getting the word out about
their event.  I am personally honored to have met such wonderful people
that have allowed me to be a part of making a difference for others. 

am also the president of Dream for the Stars.  Dream for the Stars is
an non-profit organization that empowers women and children by helping
them believe they can achieve their dreams.  This organization is an
affiliate of Wings, an amazing program designed to help women and children that have been affected by domestic violence.

I have also had amazing experiences as Miss Illinois USA.  I have
thrown out a first pitch at both of our home baseball teams, the White
and the Cubs
These events were two once in a lifetime opportunities I have seen
people pay thousands and thousands of dollars for at charity events. 
These two experiences meant so much to me, because I love Chicago and
our sports teams.  I believe we have the best fans in the country. 
(How many of you agree with me? And if not what city do you think

believe this system and this experience is what you make out of it. 
I knew going into it what it would be like.  I did it to network, help
others and have a year filled with once in a lifetime opportunities. I
hope that I have many more amazing experiences and opportunities to
meet such great people as I finish out my reign this year.  

that being said, the Miss Illinois USA system is about intelligence,
beauty, hard work, genuineness, excitement, confidence, health,
fitness, empathy and generosity. 

How do I know this? 

Because I represent our state this year.  

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  • I agree and I wish the Arab World felt the same way. Only 2 of 22 Arab countries had contestants in the Miss Universe Pageant and I wonder if that reflects the oppression of women in the Arab World or more so the growing influence of the religious extremists there. If wearing a Berqa is a choice, wearing a bikini and expressing themselves freely should be a choice for Arab women, too. My column in the Jerusalem Post on the topic today:


    Ray Hanania

  • Oprah is a "hugely empowering, spiritual life force"? She's not a deity, Ashley. She's a middle-aged black woman who made her fortune pontificating to depressed white housewives. I take it you also think Obama formed the Milky Way Galaxy?

  • In reply to Chenjesu:

    You need an attitude adjustment, or an education. Your comment makes me think you have never watched the Oprah show. I am a white non-housewife, active female, long-time Chicagoan, senior citizen who is still working, and has great respect for entrepreneurs like Oprah who have pulled themselves up, out of their poor or modest upbringings. Get a life, and wake up, and take a look at the real world.

  • No I do not believe President Obama formed the Milky Way Galaxy. I thought that it was exciting to meet Oprah because she does have a powerful aura about her, (as do many other people). I do not think of her as a deity by any means. I look at her as woman who gives back to others. To me she believes the more you give the more you receive. And personally, I am drawn to people who believe in helping others.

  • Ashley,

    What an incredible and moving post--thank you for sharing it with us.

    We are so happy to have you blogging on ChicagoNow and sharing with us what it's like to be Miss Illinois, be it throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game, attending charity events with the hope of making a difference or just simple ways to keep in shape in Chicago.

    Keep up the great writing.

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    Obama formed the galaxy. Oprah is a deity. Ashley Bond is gorgeous, not just for obvious reasons, like crown & sash, but for the way she looks at the world.

    Oh, by the way, as long as we're stating the obvious, I should let you know I just got back from the future, where I was at an award ceremony for Tracy Samantha Schmidt, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her earth shattering story on nuns.

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    It's great to see someone using this platform to enrich the lives of others. Keep going strong and I wish you the best of luck with everything you do!

  • In reply to TracySchmidt:

    Great article, Ashley. Love to hear about all your adventures as Miss Illinois USA. Thanks for sharing. You're a great role model and inspiration to all young women. Keep up the great work!

  • Tracy,
    Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to hear or learn about. Have a great day.

  • Is your wallet the one that says "Bad Mother..." on it? Because I think it is. Nice post Ash, keep it up.

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