How I got in shape for my swimsuit debut


I have had numerous people ask me how I got ready for my swimsuit debut.  With the Miss Teen USA pageant coming up in 3 weeks, I have been asked by numerous contestants how they can improve their physique.  My goal was to lean out but still be strong and defined.  So here is what I did.

I worked out 3 times a week with my trainer.  We mixed it up doing high intensity interval training, contact kickboxing, kettlebells, core strength exercises and weight lifting. 

Since I am a Chicago Luvabull I had practice and games 3 times a week which kept my cardiovascular endurance in shape.

Working out while shape your body however changing my diet is what ultimately leaned me out and gave me the finished product I was looking for. 

1) I ate every 3 hours.  The portions were smaller but filling. 

2) I ate protein at every meal.
3) I ate good carbs (whole grains & fruit) only in the morning and at lunch.  Never at dinner.  

Dinner consisted of lots of vegetables especially; broccoli, carrots,
asparagus, cauliflower and protein, and chicken or turkey.  (I know it
sounds kind of boring and it is. haha but the result is awesome. 
Regardless try to be creative with your foods).

5) I had a snack after dinner that consisted of no fat vanilla yogurt with one spoonful
of Kashi Go Lean Cereal.  (I know the cereal is a carb.  However, this
carb is full of fiber, protein and other nutrients.  Topping it with
Captain Crunch would not be the same.  This snack was never deviated


Check out a day in the life of my eating by Kelli Zink on Cheeky Chicago to learn what I actually ate on a typical day. 

me know what your summer goals are and how I can help.  Not everybody
is entering a competition, but it is beach season and who doesn't want
to have their best body?   :)

Check out Miss Teen USA and vote for your Miss Illinois USA Teen Stacie Juris.  

Have a fun and fit day.   



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  • Great Job Ashley!

    It is also important to stay hydrated, especially with all the working out!

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)

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