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Duncan Keith loses 7 teeth: 10 other celebs with interesting smiles

Steph Yiu

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Ouch! Seven teeth! That's how many Duncan Keith lost in last night's game after a puck smacked into his mouth. And, to our surprise, he went right back to playing.

According to the Chicago Tribune: "Assuming Keith needs implant work done... it could easily be a two-year process to get his teeth back in shape. What's more likely, he said, is that the player will get removable teeth, as the chance of re-injury in Keith's line of work is high."

It's gonna be a while before he gets his smile back, but he'll be joining a list of celebrities with some very interesting smiles. Check out the gallery below. 

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LeonorVivanco said:


You can add Jessica Alba to the gallery. She chipped her tooth on the set of her movie "Good Luck Chuck." http://www.tmz.com/2006/08/22/albas-snaggletooth-turn/

Kim Dunbar said:


Great photo gallery!

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