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The worst Oscar looks of all time [photo gallery]

Emily Rosenbaum

Editor/writer/overseas adventurer

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Each year awards season culminates in the giant spectacle that is the Academy Awards. Once upon a time, I could count on two or three truly awful looks on the red carpet each year, but the rise of the stylist means that celebrities, for the most part, no longer roam free, sartorially speaking. Take a gander at my list of the worst looks at the Oscars and remember a gentler time when celebs felt free to experiment. We likely won't be seeing these kinds of train wrecks again. Be sure to check out my best-dressed at the Oscars, also in Whoville.



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amye said:

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gotta love some of the outfits you see on the red carpet! Always a fun part of watching the Oscars.. we are holding an Oscar party sunday night and running some contests and games.. maybe worst and best of the red carpet will be one. some great last minute ideas to make your Oscar party fun including recipes, decorations and games at http://www.celebrationideasonline.com

jack Frapp said:

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Yeah, thats pretty goof ylooking dude!


Stacy Agosto said:


Hilarious. I kind of like the Celine outfit and fedora. Is that wrong? That JPS look definitely made its way to my high school prom. All kinds of girls tried the two piece dress. Eeek.

Emily Rosenbaum said:


No, not wrong at all. A few people have told me they like Celine's backward tux. As for Jada, if I had a body like that, I probably would wear a bikini every day.

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