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I'm finally back in Tehran after an almost week long trip across Iran.

Starting out from Babol, some friends and I went to the Iranian province of Hamedan to visit Ali Sadr Cave, an amazing natural beauty.

ali sadr.jpg

Next, we went to Esfahan, an incredible Iranian city and the second most populous city after Tehran. Esfahanis call their city "nesfe jahan" or "half of the world." In many ways, Esfahan is the cultural capital of Iran and is host to many important sites including the Imam's square, below.



After Esfahan, we went to Shiraz, another important city and location of Perespolis, the ancient Persian capital looted by Alexander the Great. Shiraz is personally one of my most favorite cities and I still hold fond memories of it from four years ago.


On the way back we stopped at Qom, the religious center of Iran outside of which lies Jamkaran.

jam 2.jpg

Overall, though, it wasn't the tourist attractions I most coveted. Rather, it was the experience I gained traveling throughout Iran and seeing its multifaceted spirit. The bonds that hold Iran together are strong; it's religion, language, culture and common history that unites Iran. After some of the depressing events I experienced post election, it was rejuvenating to experience Iran for what it was.



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Craig Kanalley said:


Great pictures, thanks for sharing this side of Iran, Mohammad.

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