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Chicago Canadian Wine Tasting: Cave Spring Cellars

Red wine and white wine of Canada
A small but delightful group of Canadian winemakers made a visit to Lush Wine and Spirits, 1412 W. Chicago Ave (312-666-6900).

Winemakers and representative from Canada hailed from regions as far West at British Columbia (BC) to as close as Ontario, Canada's second largest province.   These cool climate wine growing regions are best known for their aromatic whites, such as Riesling and even stainless steel fermented Chardonnay, but I learned that the most broadly planted red grape is Cabernet Franc. To be sure, this Cab Franc expresses itself extremely differently than that of France, which tends to be rustic and highly extracted. These red wines have an elegance and lightness, making them good pairs even to fish dishes......

Canadian wines are increasingly available here in Chicago and in the coming months, you will see even more on the shelves.  Start here at Lush Wine & Spritis but in short order, they may be available at other retail outlets, as well.

While they may still have a reputation for IceWine, those sticky wines that taste like pure nectar,  the red wines and white wines coming out of the regions are clear rivals to other international wines.  Easy to drink, they are also easy on the wallet, coming  in at an incredibly affordable price point.  And very soon, in part due to this visit to Chicago, these Canadian wines will be more accessible than ever. Watch the video here of Cave Spring Cellars in the Niagara Peninsula and learn a bit more about the charming and vibrant Rieslings of Canada.



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