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Ten Simple Ways to Improve Your Health This Spring

eating-apple_Ten ways to improve your health this spring_posted 041411.jpg

Eating foods that resemble their original state -- like APPLES! -- are a delicious way to boost your health this spring.

People who have been bundled up and hunkered down all winter are emerging from their caves to witness the sun shining, the lake ice melting, and warmer days.  Hooray!

The dramatic shift from the deep freeze of winter into the drama and glory of spring is an incredible thing to behold.  If it weren't for spring, many of us Chicagoans would be somewhere else sitting under a palm tree sipping a cool drink and slapping on the sunscreen.

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'Fertility Boot Camp for Couples' on Feb. 26 offers tips on conceiving

Happy couple in love.jpg

It truly takes "two to tango" when it comes to getting pregnant. That's why the Tiffani Kim Institute is hosting the first-ever "Fertility Boot Camp for Couples."

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and for some couples in love, the only thing that's missing in their relationship is the patter of little feet. Many times we women think of fertility challenges as OUR problem, something WE need to solve. But as we say, when it comes to conceiving, it certainly takes TWO to tango!

That's why we at the Tiffani Kim Institute are hosting the first-ever "Fertility Boot Camp for Couples" on Saturday, Feb. 26. Just as we held three all-female "Fertility Boot Camp" sessions last year, we're taking the same day-long format and adapting it so that attendees will learn what they can do as a couple to optimize their chances of conception--and carry that little bundle of joy to term.

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Stress-relieving Holiday Massages: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Woman's head and massage.jpg

Don't think massages are mere luxuries. During the hectic holiday season, a good massage not only relieves stress but may offer health benefits, as well.

Everyone knows the holidays bring with them a special kind of stress. Shopping for last-minute presents. Making travel plans to visit loved ones. Spending long hours at the office in order to take a few extra days off. Even though you're busy thinking about others, it's so important that you care for yourself. Remember what flight attendants always tell you before an airline flight: "Be sure to put on your own mask first before assisting other passengers."

Well, in THIS case, the "mask" that might save your sanity is a stress-relieving massage.

Many people think of massages as merely luxuries, or indulgences someone gives you as a gift. But really, massages are great ways to relieve the crazy amounts of stress we face during the winter holiday season. I love talking to Madi Camilo, Massage Department manager here at the Tiffani Kim Institute, because she always reminds me--and the rest of us at TKI--just why massages during this time of year are so wonderful.

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Free Nov. 18 seminar shares how managing, reducing stress key to good health

Dark dollar-sign image.jpg

Dealing with financial stress can leave us in a dark place--but a FREE Nov. 18 seminar at the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa will offer suggestions on managing money-related stress.

No matter who we are, where we live, or where we work, one thing is for sure--NONE of us is immune to stress. And we all handle and process it differently. Some people get headaches; others have tummy problems. Some find themselves eating everything in sight; other people when stressed out are no interest in food.

But we ALL can benefit from knowing how to better handle the stress that finds its way into our lives. That's why the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa is hosting a FREE seminar from 5-6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 18, at the Institute, 310 W. Superior (between Franklin and Orleans).

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Any time of year's a good one for an acupuncture tune-up

Acupuncture photo with pretty pins.jpg

There's a reason why acupuncture has survived thousands of years -- people believe it works! And rather than REPLACING traditional Western medicine, they find it's a wonderful complement to it.

At the Tiffani Kim Institute, I'm proud that besides working with some of the best medical professionals in "traditional" Western medicine, we also have first-class practitioners of Oriental medicine. And one of our main wellness focus areas is acupuncture. While we feature it all year--including couples acupuncture around Valentine's Day to help balance their energies and during cold-and-flu season to helps to boost the immune and digestive systems--I believe ANY time of year is a good one for an acupuncture tune-up.

There's a reason why for thousands of years, Chinese and other Asian medicine practices have treated people for conditions BEFORE they got them sick. Way back then, acupuncturists knew the value of prevention, helping keep ailments and diseases from taking root in people's bodies.

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'Fertility Boot Camp' makes return appearance at TKI on Oct. 2



Flowing fabric.JPG

"Fertility Boot Camp" is not only for people who are trying to get pregnant NOW, but for women who want to PRESERVE their fertility and someday conceive.

While we all know that fertility challenges are serious (and believe me, I know from personal experience), we at the Tiffani Kim Institute are again hosting what we playfully call "Fertility Boot Camp: Whip Your EGGS Into Shape!" on Saturday, Oct. 2. We hope that during this 9 a.m.-6 p.m. holistic retreat, women will learn what they need to know--and do--in order to boost their fertility and the possibility of getting pregnant and carrying to term.
The Boot Camp is purposely designed to be a small and intimate setting, with between 15 and 20 participants. Jeanie Lee Bussell, L.Ac. Dipl. OM., MSOM,  is one of our wonderful staff acupuncturists and one of the Midwest's top specialists in the treatment of infertility--and she leads our guests during the Boot Camp session! At our past two sessions, women from their late 20s to mid-40s have attended. Some are engaged and newly married; others have been coupled for awhile.

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Brighter smiles in big demand, especially now that summer's here

Giada De Laurentiis_smiling.jpg

Some celebrities like Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis have great smiles. And many "regular people" want to achieve similar brilliance with their looks, which these days often involves teeth brightening treatments.

We're all used to seeing TV commercials for those drugstore-purchased teeth whitening strips that claim they'll brighten your smile for less than 40 bucks. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Of course! But WHO do you know that doesn't want a gorgeous smile?

Some people get lucky in the gene pool and inherit great teeth. Others manage to avoid staining their pearly whites with caffeine, cola drinks, red wine and similar offenders and maintain bright smiles their whole lives.

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Overall good health habits often best anti-aging medicine for women


Want to keep those peepers bright and wrinkle-free? Remember to ALWAYS protect them from the sun.


Eating well consistently is a great way to keep your body from aging prematurely. And a diet that includes a variety of colorful vegetables certainly helps.

I don't know a single adult woman--regardless of her age--who wants to look older than she actually is. In fact, finding ways of looking younger is something we think about and often address at the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa. And we're proud of the services we offer to try and stop Mother Nature in her tracks! But truth be told, there's SO much we women can do on our own to fight aging.

When we're young, we think we're invincible, that we'll always have baby-smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Life has certainly shown us something different! But here are suggestions of old-fashioned things we can ALL do to keep the years from showing up on our faces:

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Observe "Don't Fry Day" May 28--and protect your skin from melanoma throughout the year

Woman's hands in sunshine.jpg

Sunshine is vital to life (need that Vitamin D!). But too much of a good thing can lead to leathery skin -- and in some cases, melanoma.


Friends in bikinis on beach and in water.jpg

Ahhh... fun in the sun with friends!! Observe "Don't Fry Day" May 28 -- and everyday -- by protecting your skin from diseases like melanoma with adequate sunscreen protection.

This weekend marks the (semi-) official start of the summer season, as the Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. It's when many of us start getting out of town; when we're invited to the season's first barbecues and outdoor parties; when we can't wait to get out onto the nearest golf course.

And with all this outdoor fun planned, now is a GREAT time to make yourself aware of how to protect your skin!

Friday, May 28th is "Don't Fry Day", one set aside by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to encourage us all to protect our skin on Memorial Day Weekend--and way beyond. Last year, the Council launched a "Slap on a Hat" campaign to get people to cover up and wear protective clothing and head coverings when out in the sun. But this year, "Don't Fry Day" is designed to get us to pay attention to ALL the steps we can take to keep ourselves safe when we're having fun in the sun.


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Troubled by spring allergies? Acupuncture and ear candling may provide relief

Ear candling photo_TKI Web site_jpg.jpg

Ear candling is one of the nontraditional methods that may provide relief from spring allergies and their symptoms.

For those of us who live in Chicago, spring seems to take a LONG time to arrive. And once it gets here, we can't get enough--eating and drinking on restaurant patios, taking strolls in the warm sunshine. But for too many people, spring also brings with it troubling allergies. For them, constant sneezing, dry or watery eyes, and sinus irritations come as part of the package.

Fortunately, though, many people find relief without constantly popping either prescription or over-the-counter allergy pills. As I often write on this blog, I am a big believer in using alternative treatment methods that complement--or in some cases, can remove the need--for synthetic drugs that often come with side effects. That's why the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa has always promoted an integrated approach to health and wellness. When it comes to treating the symptoms of spring allergies, you might consider trying the ancient arts of acupuncture and ear candling.

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Enhance your fertility potential (and your partner's) at 'Fertility Boot Camp' and 'Romancing Fertility'

Fertility Boot Camp yoga session_January 2010.jpg

Participants at January's day-long "Fertility Boot Camp" learned about the role yoga can play in enhancing their fertility and relaxing their minds.

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, and for those of us fortunate enough to have our moms with us, it's a day to honor them for their love--and for bringing us into this world. But for women struggling with fertility issues, it's yet another day that reminds them what they're missing--the love of their own child.

I know. I've been there myself.

That's why we at the Tiffani Kim Institute will host the third "Fertility Boot Camp" from 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 15, to teach women what they need to know in order to optimize their bodies' potential to conceive and carry a baby to term. I wrote about one of our earlier Fertility Boot Camps in an earlier post, and shared what's involved in this small and intimate 8½-hour day session. We keep the group small on purpose, so each woman feels special and is able to ask questions of the experts who we bring in to discuss topics such as acupuncture, nutrition, and the spirituality of conception (as we know, it goes beyond the physical). Amy Johnson, Ph.D., one of our new presenters, will talk about letting go and finding inner peace. We also offer a session with a Reproductive Endocrinologist to answer any questions about reproductive medicine.

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Give yourself a 'Spring Tune-Up' when it comes to dealing with health, wellness and stress

Thumbnail image for Spring_sunflowers.jpg

Spring is a season of transition and new life--and is also a good time to take an assessment of all aspects of your overall mental and physical health.

After what seems like an eternal wait, spring is finally here! The change of seasons is always a good time to take a good, honest look at your overall health and well-being. I call it a "Spring Tune-Up."

And I'm not thinking only about your physical health, although that's super-important. At the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa, we take an integrative approach to health, realizing there's no disconnect between the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Dominic Gaziano practices Integrative Internal Medicine at our River North facility. What I love is that he works with patients on unique and individual solutions to their health challenges. He also regularly gives lectures on holistic approaches to stress management to fellow doctors and other medical professionals.

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Using Vitamin A as your ally in the fight against adult acne

Even those of us who are surrounded by the best skin care products in the world--or whose work involves helping women look as beautiful as they can, for as LONG as they can--know that pimples can still wreak havoc upon our skin. That's true whether we're teenagers or over 40.

Fortunately, we women have an ally in the struggle against adult acne. It's all natural--and it's Vitamin A.

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Vitamin D: Key to good health or just hype?

Milk bottle on table.jpg

Fortified milk is a great food source for Vitamin D.

Large sunflower in sun.jpg

Sunlight has Vitamin D-boosting benefits, as exposure to the sun helps us our bodies produce this important substance.

Although I'm obviously not a doctor, I pay attention to the latest happenings in the medical world for a couple big reasons. First, as the founder of the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa, it's important for me to keep up with the latest news in the worlds of health and wellness. Second, as someone who takes a very keen interest in her own health, I am interested in knowing about developments that might possibly improve it. I'll take all the help I can get!
You probably have been reading a LOT lately about the potential positive effects of Vitamin D, as I have. (Even my fellow TCW blogger, Dr. Anita Varkey, recently wrote about its mood-enhancing effects during colder months.) Research by credible sources suggests that Vitamin D--which some call the "sunshine vitamin"--can play a big role in boosting the immune system. Not only that, but some are claiming there's a link between Vitamin D and the reduction of risk for different types of cancer.
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