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Pleased to meet you! Welcome to Notes on Style, your fashion and style blog

Hello there! Erin Carpenter here, and as the newest blogger to join the fabulous Today's Chicago Woman team (I'm truly honored!), I wanted to open Notes on Style with a little introduction.


I am a Chicago-based personal stylist, which means I spend my days helping professional women (and brides-to-be...more on that later) dress to look and feel their best--and most confident--every day. I weed through closets, I put together creative ensembles, I join clients in department stores and yes, even in dressing rooms. It's a super fun job, and it's also more fulfilling than I ever imagined. People may say fashion is superficial, but I say few things are as close to the core of who we are than the way we choose to present ourselves to the world.

Becoming a style blogger for Today's Chicago Woman is one of those "life coming full circle" moments for me. As a college student back in 2002, I was actually an editorial intern for the magazine, interviewing experts and writing stories on beauty, lifestyle and dining out, assisting on fashion shoots and, searching for the city's hottest single men (hey, somebody had to do it) for what was then our annual "Chicago's most eligible bachelors" issue. Who knew that eight short years later, I would be the expert given a platform for voicing my own humble style opinion?

So, what can you expect from Notes on Style? I'll be providing tips and tricks to help you be a fashion "do," sharing my secrets to dressing for your body type, offering an insider's glimpse into the Chicago fashion scene, helping you navigate the fickle world of fashion trends and of course, bringing you the best--and worst!--of celebrity style. Please do be sure to let me know your thoughts and ideas by either leaving a comment or emailing me. After all, what fun is fashion if it can't be shared with friends? 



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Contessa said:


This is exceptional news!! Congrats indeed!! ;)


ErinCarpenter said:


Thank you, Contessa! I'm excited to be here!

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